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Full Version: Ghost in the shell: Stand Alone Complex
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Anyone seen or heard about the Ghost in the shell game based on the Tv Series Stand Alone Complex? can't wait for it to come out biggrin.gif Major Motoko Kusanagi alll tha' way!! if anyone know anything on the game that'd be great biggrin.gif
I've heard about it - but i've also heard that the hit box detection system is sleeping through the entire game.
You mean the one where you use Motoko for the whole game? I think I have a copy of it, though I didnt get really into the game it was pretty mediocre so far. The controls are a bit hard to get used to and controlling the camera is awkward, I also found it hard to aim quickly and accurately because of this. It seems pretty fun to play tho, but probably since I didnt get too into the game it didnt seem that fun to me.
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