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Full Version: Van's new CM! Kirin Honkaku Beer
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IPB Image

Got the article from:

- this is CM for Kirin (a famous beer brand)
- Van and Tachi Hiroshi will sing 嵐を呼ぶ男 (Arashi wo Yobu Otoko) parody version as the CM song
- the CM will start to be aired on 11 this month
- the band name is Honkaku Band

More pictures:
IPB Image

IPB Image
Tangerine Dreamer
Haha nice. biggthumpup.gif Kirin is tasty.
Looks fun, can't wait to see the CM!

Tomiko looks great in red, of course...but nowhere near as great as that old man's face. XD
its that guy!!

tomiko looking great as usual
this is the real version of Arashi wo Yobu Otoko

wow sounds like very old song XD
The song sounds very good, those rockabilly bits are so cool. Let's hope they will record a full version of the song.
Cool, another Yosui Inoue song! Thanks!! =D
ANNA lovely Ban-chan foxheart.gif
HER SMILE wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

ALso the old man's face from at 1:38 ~ 1:39 is funny as hell for some reason. Y SO SRS

beautiful! can't wait to see the new CM! XD
a little bit longer video:
^ thanks ANNA XD
That old guy looks really awkward playing the drums. Oo

Banchan is amazing as always. Man she has such a powerful voice.
new CM is up on kirin official website!

I ripped it
QUOTE(lanfix @ Mar 11 2011, 07:40 AM) *

Thanks.. this is a good news \o/

But when i saw the video, it looks like Father and Daughter lol
^ lol then that old man sure is lucky to have such a beautiful daughter XDD
QUOTE(lanfix @ Mar 10 2011, 05:40 PM) *

I love Van and I love Kirin beer. Two of my favorite things together! biggrin.gif Thanks for uploading the CM for us.

Van seems to get even prettier with age! ohmy.gif
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