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Full Version: Killzone 3
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So who played the beta? Sweet as peas right? The singleplayer demo is just as epic. Got my engineer fully unlocked during the beta period, and had some memorable games, one of which involved just me and another guy hunting each other down MGS-like. The game itself runs as smooth as chocolate, but until I get a 3D TV, I won't know how much it enhances the experience from HD. I gotta say though, the environment in the demo is some the best I've seen so far on PS3. I hear the release date for stateside is 22nd, while we're getting it on the 25th (UK).

The game comes in two flavours. First is the Helghast Edition which comes with a truckload of goodies, then the Dualshock Bundle which comes with a jungle green controller. Call me crazy but I went and preordered both. So who's getting this?

Can't. Wait.
This game is going to be amazing.

After tooling around with the classes in the beta, I know exactly which ones I'm going to level up when I get the game: Medic, Tactician, then Engineer. The rest whenever. The game looks like pure sex, and plays just as smooth.

I like Killzone 2 a lot but this one feels perfect. There's weight in the controls but it isn't too excessive, and there's more characterization in the story but it's not heavy-handed (from what I could tell from the demo). The single-player demo had more personality in it than most of Killzone 2 (up til the end when Radec showed up). If Killzone 2 = 300 (in being macho to an extreme degree), then Killzone 3 = The Expendables (in being completely brotastic).

I still hope they kill Rico, though.
Well I wouldn't be surprised, since it's the third iteration already so story-wise they might pull all the stops out on this one.

Jetpack is a veeeeeery nice addition. I can already see the online midair gunfights haha. Gonna be e p i c.
So far, enjoying the co-op campaign with my brother. Less than 15 minutes in and someone tells Rico to shut the fuck up, ahaha.

The gunfights feel great of course, though the early vehicular segments were kinda weak. The next mission looks pretty baller though...can't wait to continue. For now, though, sleeeeeep.
You slit my throat! Haha I'll return the favour sometime.

I've been playing the Warzone mode a lot recently, and it is a more refreshing game compared to Guerrilla. I think I average a better score per session. Naturally my engineer is fully unlocked, moving onto Field Medic and Marksman.

When I played on the Akmir Snowdrift for the first time, I absolutely hated it due to the low visibility. But then I found THE best nesting spot and got my highest kills in one game (22).

1 one 1 Exo fights = AWESOME.

Down for some Warzone tonight?

Guys finally managed to get an experience with the “Killzone 3” at one of my best friends place. Nice one to be stick with. I was pretty amazed by the graphic display.

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