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Full Version: Hacks in online games.
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Have any of you come across a hack while gaming online?

I started playing Modern Warfare 2 online the other night and managed to get to rank 5. Then somehow this guy managed to get us all to spawn at the same point, and inevitably, killed the lot of us. When I left that game, my rank had shot up to 70 (I'm guessing that's the cap) and I now had 100% completion in multiplayer.

First I was pissed off at that guy, and then I was pissed off that all titles and emblems were now unlocked... and I hadn't done squat. I'm sure it was a hack and that guy had something to do with it. If I were to unlock any titles or emblems, I'd want to feel like I'd earned it. I'm gonna delete my MW2 save file and start again, and just hope I don't run into another idiot like that guy.

I actually found a site that boasted about having 'the best MW2 hacks ever'. I mean really? That's just fucking cheating. How do you expect to get better at your game when you already have an obscene advantage over the opposition? You're doing fuck all.

But then I came to the realisation that it must be like this for all the online games out there. MMO's will always have RMT (real money trading), and to a lesser extreme, Street Fighter with its lag tactics. If anyone has experienced hacks or cheating let's here it. I'm firing on all pistons here.
I used to come across that all the time back in the day
dont get too worked up over it, just ignore the servers that have a bad reputation for hax
Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3 was recently busted wide open. The PS3 was hacked a few weeks ago and since then hackers have taken a liking to Modern Warfare 2, which relies on the PS3s security instead of it's own. I've read reports that the chances of you getting into a normal games are [i]lower[/]i than your chances of getting into hacked game. mellow.gif Deleting your save game file or game data file won't fix anything because your online ranking is directly tied to your PSN username. =/

The good news is Infinity Ward is out to fix things (even though last week they said it "couldn't be fixed"). Until then they recommend not touching the game at all unless you're playing single-player or private online matches.
I knew this would happen the moment they started working on Jail breaking the PS3..

This is a pretty widespread problem though.. pretty much regardless of platform/game you're likely to find some bad apples.

You're right, I should just let it slide. I used to get so worked up over cheap players on Street Fighter, but now I have to remember that I'm just playing for fun. I wonder if anyone still plays MGS online...

I'll lay off MW2 until something 'happens'.
Killzone 3 server test/"open beta" on PSN tomorrow...get it.
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