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Full Version: Mima-chan! =D
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Happy birthday MiMaKiNoMoTo. Hope you have lots of fun today! (Hopefully, Pab gives you a big kiss too. You know you want it. >.>)
QUOTE(oasis_heart3 @ May 25 2010, 10:17 PM) *

Happy birthday MiMaKiNoMoTo. Hope you have lots of fun today! (Hopefully, Pab gives you a big kiss too. You know you want it. >.>)

I don't want a kiss! HONESTLY >___>
I don't like kisses in general, lol. Hug is fine. I think. Well, almost. Actually, hugging is rare too...XD
Anyway, Pab and I are not even living in the same city for over a year now. XD
Anyway˛, thanks!! I wasn't expecting a happy birthday thread, so I only saw it now (when viewing the "active topics" list). But it's good to hear (read?) it from you. ^^

And one more thing! Now I'm not 'MiMaKiNoMoTo' anymore, I asked for a capitalization change. It feels a loooot better being 'MimaKinomoto', I honestly hated those high and lows stuff...just WHY did I ever think of doing that? Ugh! (xD)
So, Oasis....write me a letter. It would be a good birthday present.
I could even forgive you for never replying my latest PM...>.>
You wrote me a PM? ^^;;;;

(bows head in shame, promises to send you a letter real soon.)
QUOTE(oasis_heart3 @ May 27 2010, 12:31 AM) *

You wrote me a PM? ^^;;;;

Actually, NO. I replied your PM through e-mail, in december. But it's the same. XD
I'm almost sure I gave you my address, but I may be wrong. I remember you asking me though!
But well....just tell me if I did (or not) through PM or something, because I guess I should stop [OFF-TOPIC]ing here...XD
It would be good to read/write letters again like I used to do, it's been a while though.. (I know we have internet, but come on! letters are cool! :'D)
QUOTE(MimaKinomoto @ May 26 2010, 08:06 PM) *

I don't like kisses in general


HAPPY BIRFDAY bunbeer.gif

It's just that I remembered/noticed something - it's been almost 10 years since I joined daiforum. It's my 9th birthday here, 'cause I only registered in december!
I know the forums are nothing like they used to be (in many ways), but hey... I seem to keep coming back, even if I'm not the most active member ever. Anyway, thanks for keeping this up (???) ...or something like that.

Can anyone remember how much my english sucked when I joined?! It was horrible!! >.<
I vaguely remember your English being a little rough but I have a terrible memory so... unsure.gif
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