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Happy B-day Inna Child Sama smile.gif
Love love love love. laugh.gif
bunyay.gif bunyay.gif bunyay.gif
Happy birthday! (And happy mother's day? You do have a baby, right? ^^; )
Happy Birthday Thao!
Thank you, guys!!!!!!! (huuugs) biggrin.gif

Life has been so weird cos I found out May 9th was from the Lunar calendar so my birthday is actually June 15th!!!!

And on my record in the States, my birthday is typed as May 19th which is wrong! lol

So, I don't know, I have 3 birthdays, I'm celebrating my birthday on June 15th this year, but it doesn't matter really LOL

Oasis, nah, I don't have a baby lol
would you like a baby? bunkiss.gif
@Mav: LOL
She'd make a horrible mom anyway and forget her child like she did the DAI signature project.

Haha jk.

Happy birfday Inner!
Happy Birthday! I guess you age at three times the rate of a normal human? Ouch...
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!! bunyay.gif
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