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Full Version: The submitted films for OSCAR Nomination
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I just saw this news from some article in animenewsnetwork..

The academy of motion picture arts and sciences has announced that a record film have been submitted for possible "oscar nominations" in "The Best Animated Featured Category" of the 82nd Academy award. Manga are among the submitted films:
- Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakque
- Astro boy
- Battle for Terra
- Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
- Coraline
- Disney's A Christmas Carol
- The Dolphin-Story of a dreamer
- Fantastic Mr.Fox
- Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs
- Mary and Max
- The Missing Linx
- Monster VS. Aliens
- 9
- Planet 51
- Ponyo
- The Princess and The Frog
- The Secret of Kells
- Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure
- A Town Called Panic
- UP

The academy will announce it's official slate of nominees on februari 2.

So i guess, Hayao Miyazaki would be the winner such as Spirited Away did, and for now is Ponyo.
I didn't think Ponyo was all that great in comparison to previous Ghibli films. dunno.gif But it'll definitely make the nominations.

9 was pretty good. It may make the nominations.

Up was AMAZING. I have no doubts that this will be a nominee.

I plan on watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox when it comes out on Thanksgiving. I love the chill yet slightly off-kilter atmosphere in Wes Anderson films, partially because Mark Mothersbaugh does the score.

I have a feeling Up will win the Oscar.
Yeah UP will probably win...
That's my 2nd choice!!

Thanks to remind me, i've just remember when i try to watch this movie, i'ts a great movie, with funny story and character was amazing, when i try to watch it in three last month ago, it was sold out again and again!!
and finally i can get that ticket.

That little flashback at the beginning of Up makes me teary-eyed a little. tongue.gif
U'r just kidding me!!

Anyways,can't wait to know who would be the winner,huh??
From that list I've only seen Coraline and UP.

Coraline--wasn't exactly as exciting as UP.

@ virile: i cried during the flashback, too, and also at the end. that was a really good movie.
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