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Full Version: Anime List for Fall 2009
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So, the fall season is almost over. And I running out the anime list to watch.

So, refer to this snapshot (List of Anime Fall 2009)

Any suggestion for what I should start?

I have ended the Summer Season, except the one that still Running up till now.

What I'm following at the moment:

Cross Game, To aru kagaku (Yuri side of Toaru majutsu no index xD), FMA 2009, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Darker Than Black 2, Bakemonogatari, One Piece (HAHAHA).

So yeah, I need like... 10 more series to follow? xD -- and I can't wait the winter season coming.
I'm following or planning on following: Trapeze, Book Of Bantora, Bakemonogatari, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, Nyan Koi, and fuck it, Queen's Blade as well, LMAO.

Although I heard that Romance Of The Three Kingdoms is going to be pushed back to spring.

Although so far I've only seen Trapeze, Bakemonogatari, and Nyan Koi. Trapeze is BIZARRE but good. Bakemonogatari is less bizarre but just as good.

Nyan Koi is pretty funny... but... the sparkly cliches in NyanKoi are tooo much for me. I can't help but react in some combination of a groan, epic palmface, and "good god you've gotta be kidding me" kinda laughter. It's torture, but it's like watching a trainwreck. You can't take your eyes off it even if you want to. So I say, yes. Watch it. tongue.gif I like it for the same reason I like fruits basket and school rumble LOL.
I wish the art was a little better, but Romance of the the Kingdoms?! I'm off to pirate this...
wow, Romance of the three kingdoms? Is this the same thing I'm thinking of? I just don't see it good as an anime.......
I'm pretty open with all genres as long as it's not boring and repetitive biggrin.gif
based solely on titles - a certain scientific railgun.

and i would have followed any NC they made but i guess they changed their minds due to paris-hen being mediocre
Anyone been following Letter Bee? Kinda curious but haven't really seen any recommendations...
there are other animes in fall2009 that weren't included in this collage, but I don't remember what good ones are there lol

and I'm a little bit late~ the winter ones are already out T_T?

but the only one I've watched is "Sasameki Koto"~ it's a cute GL anime.

ooh and I saw like one episode of "Seitokan no Ichizon"~ it's funny. It's a parody a lot of the popular anime titles~ you should watch it if you have nothing to do, but to get a good laugh.
I tried looking up Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but I only found a "vintage"...

Is this a new animation?
It's been pushed back to next year. mellow.gif
yea i downloaded 50+ episodes and they animation looks like crap, I was pretty disappointed...
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