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Full Version: PS3 and 360 Username trade!
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Doods. We should totally trade usernames for our systems. Maybe even play something some time. I'm probably gonna pick up Boarderlands on the 360 when it comes out soon.

PS3: Euthanasian

360: Euthanasian67
PSN: HeartlessCloud

I play Call of Duty 4 pretty regularly, but I also play Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Rock Band 2. I'll be playing Uncharted 2 soon, too.
PS3: omgitskenlol

360: sanadakun

Only games I play now are mlb the show and monster hunter.
PSN: clementine_dream

I hammer Street Fighter IV as much as possible, cos I'm always looking to learn from others and improve myself. I only use Chun Li, but if you think you're good then I wanna play you.
I'll add you clem. What games do you have?
QUOTE(ken-sama @ Oct 24 2009, 03:55 AM) *

I'll add you clem. What games do you have?

You mean games that have good multiplayer modes? None. Yeah I don't really play many online games (or at all), although I did flirt with Tekken and MGS4 for a short time. I know, I suck lol.

Street Fighter is really good though. ^____^
Have any of you PS3 owners picked up Uncharted 2? I'm playing that a lot, if you want to play, let me know.
QUOTE(HeartlessCloud @ Oct 25 2009, 07:16 AM) *

Have any of you PS3 owners picked up Uncharted 2? I'm playing that a lot, if you want to play, let me know.

Got it today. SP is dope as fuck. I'm down for some mp tho. Hit me up sometime.

@clem: I have SF4 too!. Mostly play as Ken but I dabble with Ryu sometimes. Love to FADC with Ken/Ryu cause their moves look so cool.
Wicked! What rank in championship are you on?

I just bought Tekken 6 today, w00t!!! HC I can't wait to beat you tongue.gif and anyone else who plans on playing the game!!!

... after I finish my assignments + homework. rolling.gif sad.gif
G1. Stopped playing online to, the lag can really suck sometimes.
I'll add you Clem! The only multiplayer games I have on the PS3 are Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue and Soul Calibur 4.

We should all play together. I suck ass at SF4 and I use one of the the shittiest characters (lolsakura) but it'd be fun anyway. I'm better at BlazBlue (slightly) if anyone wants to play. And all my Soul Calibur characters are burly men in thongs and skimpy armor. I dunno if you guys wanna fight me in that...
I'm down for whatever. Just shoot me a message whenever I'm online.
BusyChild04 on both Live and PS3Online. My 360 recently shit the bed so I need to fix it. My PS3 is still good.
xbox 360 gamertag- ThunderQuacker
PSN: joltcloud
I've just bought a new system so I'm back online (ish). Heartless already added me so I'll send an add to the rest of you. Prepare to be violated. ^o^

And yes. Uncharted 2 is d o p e.

Big Chalk Nasty



Dont Ask why the name!
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