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Full Version: Happy 22 TangerineDreamer!!!
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Joe Nagao
Happy 22nd Birthday to TangerineDreamer!!!

And many more to come! You are really lucky to have your birthday a day after the new DAI single's release.
Happy birthday, Dreamer! =D

@Joe Nagao: Actually, the new single came out last month, on June 17. ^^;
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Furious Angel
IPB Image
As Gus would say "Happy Birthday!" laugh.gif
Happy Birthday El! wavey.gif wavey.gif

May happiness will always stalk you for the rest of your life!
Happy Birthday TangerineDreamer!!!! bunyay.gif bunbeer.gif bunyay.gif
just 2 words:


Hey HAPPY 22nd BIRHTDAY!! Hope you have a great day biggrin.gif
Joe Nagao
@oasis heart: oh man, how was I that late for it?! sad.gif

Chemistry must be giving me more trouble than I thought.

@Furious Angel: Excellent use of gus smile.gif
haha true about the cool username xD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!!! ::steals half the cake:: rolling.gif rolling.gif
Tangerine Dreamer
Thanks everybody! drunk.gif And thanks for the username compliments! I've been Tangerine Dreamer for almost six years now and managed not to get sick of it, which is more than I can say for any other username I've had.

22, huh? ... weird.
Happy Belated Tange!!!

And 22! It's the first anniversary of your 21st! cheers.gif
Congrats Tange!
Tangerine Dreamer
wavey.gif Thanks guys!
Happy Birthday!

Drink responsibly!


Tangerine Dreamer
Thanks clem!
Man, I'm embarassingly late to the any case, I hope you had an awesome 22nd birthday and that this year treats you as well as you deserve. Kanpai!
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