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Haven't kept up with any animes in the past few months so no idea what's good! Anyone got any suggestions as to what I should be putting into my bittorent waiting list?
I usually watch it online on

I've been following few serials since last season, my recommendation,

- Higashi no Eden (finished)
- Kuroshitsuji -- finished (little bit "yaoi" sense, but it's allright).
- Time of Eve (indie work, still on going, and pretty slow, probably 1 episode every 2-3 month, but it's awesome. Go look up on Crunchyroll).
- K-ON (just finished) - if you like stupid cute story, reminds me of Lucky Star
- Hayate no Gotoku 2nd season. on going.
- Suzumiya Haruhi (2009) on going -- even it's like remake, the whole story is kinda different. And still kickass.

That's what I think for now.
not to mention the older anime, you probably have seen it, but: Toradora and Soul Eater are great as well.
I haven't been watching anime as of late x_x (I'm kind of out of it atm), but I watch most of mine on animeseason as well~ I'll tell you what's on my list (that people recommended to me rolling.gif )

- Ga-Rei
- Ga-Rei Zero
- Maria Holic
- K-ON
- 07-Ghost

I don't know if they're good or not rolling.gif

- Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (need to finish)
- Myself ; Yourself (latest finished anime)
Time of Eve is awesome. I'd recommend it too. Along with most of the animes posted above.

Higashi no Eden was good, I'll be looking forward to the 2 movies which will come out much later.

You can check out the FMA remake (FMA Brotherhood) if you like biggrin.gif
Actually once the FMA name was dropped, I've been downloading some of the episodes for sentimental reasons but haven't watched any yet...But yeah totally enjoy those types of animes! Let the downloading begin!

Thanks guys! Back are the days of stringing episodes of anime together...currently watching eyeshield 21, finally got a copy of the entire set! Phew...Can't say I was ever into sports animes but this one just keeps making me laugh! tongue.gif Aho!
may i know where to get torrents for anime? Any sites to recommend?
animesuki is pretty nice, i use it. Dont know about the others though.
^ thanks!

Btw, any recommendations for anime with the genre: Vampire, action or assassins?

I'm watching Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom atm, pretty good.
I've watched Helsing too, ages ago.

So are there any other anime along that line?

(I'm not an avid anime watcher, but recently I'm out of series to watch lol)
for anime torrent I'd recommend -- they're the fastest I think xD
QUOTE(Stovila @ Jul 13 2009, 01:10 AM) *

for anime torrent I'd recommend -- they're the fastest I think xD

ok thanks, i'll give it a try too^^
try (i think) if you are looking to "try" or "search" anime.
I found animesuki a bit annoying as they are a bit too up to date on the legal stuff tongue.gif The site I usually go to is:

They pretty much release a list of animes everyday and from different fansub groups so you can kinda pick and choose which ones you like. You can search historically too which is great.

For animes in that genre, I enjoyed Vampire Hunter D quite a bit. I would unfortunately say stay clear of Devil May Cry. Great games, but wasn't a fan of the anime...that little girl is sooo annoying...

I d/led Vampire Knight and Trinity Blood but haven't watched them yet but the reviewes suggest I'm in for some long nights in front of the tv.

What's Phantom about?
Avan: Bakemonogatari is about vampire, kinda new tho , 2 eps so far xD

Also the awesome old Hell Sing lol
^thanks for all the sites!

@ Yonge: Phantom's theme is assassination where this Japanese tourist, after witnessing an assassin named Phantom or Ein was caught and brainwashed. He was then trained to become one himself, given the name Zwei (no 2 in German). It's pretty nice. biggrin.gif

@Stovila: Will give that new one a try too!
I have a private tracker i use. they are pretty strict though in terms of uploading/downloading ratio. honestly i dont even use them all that much. They are pretty new but they are pretty extensive on the new and old anime. Anyways. all the stuff i'm watching are just released from japan so i dont have to download full seasons of anything. Now what have i been watching?

FMA:Brotherhood. downloaded straight from Eclipse. Awesome speed fansubbers. and in full 720p (h260). This anime is a remake of the original FMA. which is not so original considering they decided not to follow the original manga. Personally i feel the manga is the best version of FMA but i always seem to like manga better than anime anyways. This remake follows the manga and they do it well. Definately worth a watch in my book.

Valkyria Chronicles. This anime is so so. But its based off of one of my favorite ps3 tactical strategy games so i'm watching it out of loyalty. The story largely remains the same as the game but they decided to go in depth with character development and relationships between each other. Its not bad. Its not great.

Hellsing Ultimate OVA's. Good old hellsing fun. follows the manga, the old one didn't nuff said. freaking awesome. Like hell coming to Paris. literally. awesome.

Noir. This is a pretty old anime. 2002 or something like that. It's very good, about 2 assassins caught up in a huge conspiracy but they are in the dark, being led like rabbits. Uses a lot of noir like scenes and keeps you in the dark about everything almost up to the end. Done very well. but overall i give it only a B+.

Full metal Panic! - This anime has become my favorite anime. it mixes comedy with serious world political/international conflicts. then add in giant mechs and you have something thats better than any gundam anime i've watched. Its pretty old the latest season was in 2005. But its so good i cant help but watch all things FMP.

I think tomorrow i'll watch Samurai 7. I heard its a really good remake done off of the akira kurosawa's film.

Full Metal Panic was one of those animes I just happened to pick up at a DVD store and has risen the ranks of my favourite anime listing and stayed there. Its one of those animes that I could just put on and watch again and again. Its unbelievably funny, the characters are vivid and altogether fascinating! Sousuke just cracks me up with his all serious and uncultured manners, but yet he still gets the girl, there's hope for us emotionally uneducated kinds it seems tongue.gif
Definitely check this anime out! Even the though the Fumoffu season doesn't have a overlying story, it really brought together what was great about this anime, the constant struggles of a military nut in normal society! Two thumbs way way up!

Samurai 7 is a bit of a so so for me. The original akira kurosawa film is amazing and is a must watch. The anime on the other hand puts the story in a more "modern" framework in that they just throw lots of mecha in there. So its a bit weird in that case...let me know what you thought of it after u give it a crack!
Thanks for the Time of Eve tip, found this for all those who are curious:

On a side note, just finished the first series of Code Geass. Wasn't as much of a fan...should i continue into the 2nd?
QUOTE(Yonge @ Jan 6 2010, 01:46 AM) *

Thanks for the Time of Eve tip, found this for all those who are curious:

On a side note, just finished the first series of Code Geass. Wasn't as much of a fan...should i continue into the 2nd?

I immediately hooked with Code Geass after finishing the 1st episode. xD

Samurai 7 is boring. Samurai Champloo is much much better and funny.
If you like anime with a lot of humor "Fairy tail" is good.
And one of my favorites is "Azumanga daioh" (it's a bit childish, but very funny)
I miss watching Hiei transform into a hundred-eyed monster. :rawr: rolling.gif
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