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Full Version: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INUCHAN!!!!!!! ^____^
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Happy birthday, Inuchan!!!!!
Have a great time today, Inu! Best wishes to you in everything. You'll always be the same graceful and beautiful Inuchan to me, always. I adore your personality :3

bunyay.gif bunbeer.gif bunyay.gif bunbeer.gif bunyay.gif bunbeer.gif bunyay.gif bunbeer.gif

Seriously, I can't believe it's your birthday! I remember your Myspace has the number 17 in it, I think!!


EDIT: Am I weird for saying I adore her personality? I admire Inuchan though ^^
tanjoubi omedetto mom!! rolling.gif

i will send you my picture wearing gstring as a present?

Are you talking about your Calintz cosplay? Do it! rolling.gif

Happy Birthday Inu!!

@Stov - Thats slightly disturbing. I want a copy!

Tangerine Dreamer
Happy birthday!!
Happy birthday and have fun biggrin.gif
Happy Birthday Inu-chan!!
I hope you enjoyed your day smile.gif
bunvv.gif bunvv.gif buno.gif buno.gif bunyay.gif bunyay.gif
omgomgomg !!! you guys really rally made my day ^^

wub.gif bunblush.gif I feel so touched yet so embarrassed, as I seldom visit here nowadays (sue me, for I do deserve spanking haha)


@inner: thank you so much sweetie (though i am not sure i deserve that much hehe) < 3

@Stov: sure bring it on (bwaaaaaahahahhahahahhahaah I DARE you hehe.... you know my FB account, so post it there will yah? tongue.gif )

@Chikara: OMG Chikki where have you been? ^^ thank you so much sis!

@ALLLLLLLL : thank you guys hehe.... I hope everyone is fine and behaving, while Mom is out of the forums eh? * wink, wink*

as for my birthday, well it must have been the most hectic work day in my life, but I finally survided ^_~ I think I'll celebrate this weekend with hubby and family though smile.gif

also, for those who want to add me on Facebook, please send me a PM, as my profile is not available in public ^^ bless you ALL, love you ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* itsuka mata umarekawattemo ne
kimi to deaeru ki ga suru yo
ai wo shinjite itai
onaji sora no shita de
ikiru imi nara koko ni aru
betsubetsu no michi demo*

Even if someday we are reborn
I feel as if I can meet you
I want to believe in love
Under the same sky
If it's a reason to live, it's here
even if we're on separate paths


MAligayang bati Ate!!! bunyay.gif bunvv.gif bunangel.gif foxhi.gif foxx.gif foxxd.gif
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY my daiforum sister!!!!! ^____________________^

ohmy.gif I've just realized that your birthday is the same DAI's new single release date! laugh.gif
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great B-Day ^^
Happy Belated Birthday!!! biggrin.gif
Happy bday inu!

I don't check this forum too often either but hey, at least I didn't miss it by a month.

Hope things are good with you. Best wishes!
Happy 21st! unsure.gif

Have a good 'un. laugh.gif
Happy Happy Birthday~! smile.gif
It's so precious when you have good wishes.

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