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Full Version: Happy Birthday, MiMaKiNoMoTo!
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I know we hardly talk anymore (which is totally my fault, and I really do need to change that), but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! bunyay.gif

I hope you and your "husband" had a wonderful time together. ^_^
(On second thought, stay away from Pab. He's mine. T__T)


Wish you all the best with your husband!! foxxd.gif buno.gif
Wow, I didn't think anyone would post something like that XD
Thanks Oasis! And Aiz, too /o/

About Pab, we divorced ;__; (XD) Ok, we were never really married as you know, but that was a funny joke XDDD
But actually, I don't meet Pab for quite a while, he moved to another city to study so we hardly talk anymore ^^"

Ah well... I still can say I had some awesome days on the 24-25-26, and I spent them with a friend too. It included going to a place called "Beto Carrero World" and also playing on PS2 all day long - I missed doing that kind of thing! (even though I have games to play, that's kinda rare because of my job, so I don't have much time anymore)

Anyway, this is it. We really don't talk for A WHILE.. but I hope everything is fine.

This is a pic from Beto Carrero World anyway:

IPB Image

(Yeah, it's THAT kind of place. XD)
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