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Full Version: Aloha!!!
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Ryusou here! I have been away too long! I miss you guys! Whats been going on?
Sorry the last time I was here was with DAI breaking up and I was devastated and could no longer come with job and real life and all...l But today, I just happened to be checking out the net and remembered Tomiko and decided to search about it.....then I came upon this. I was amazed this forum is still going on strong. Are my old buddies out there still? UF? RF? anyone?
Hey! You probably don't even know me, but I remember seeing you around in the old days!

Mostly cuz of your signature though, ahahaha. tongue.gif

Welcome back! From one person who came back to another~~
welcome back RyuSou!! wavey.gif

unwanted-fan? long time no see him... sad.gif

p.s.: Hi Too-chan!!! welcome back! biggrin.gif
welcome backaru! wavey.gif
Welcome back! DAI is back together btw...
QUOTE(virilevocalist @ May 26 2009, 03:31 AM) *

Welcome back! DAI is back together btw...

ohmy.gif really DAI is back together? since when? why? how? anyways Im glad they back together... smile.gif

as for UF or ainouta, what happened? why he disappeared?

ah the names ANNA, Mavrick, who else? Rumblefish? those are the originals here, how ya guys been? anything new?
Ban Chan Fan
Welcome back.
QUOTE(Ban Chan Fan @ May 26 2009, 12:27 PM) *

Welcome back.

thanks Ban Chan Fan....hey ur name looks familiar, just the avatar different
Ban Chan Fan
well these are my first avatars so you might recognize one of em.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
Hehe, I remember you from your signature. Ban-chan's half-zipped zipper! *blushes*

Welcome back!
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