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Full Version: Yiasya's introduction (^_~)
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Hi all,

Just a little about me. (not too much though).

I used to be a world of warcraft addict but I stopped a while ago and started spending my time with learning mandarin chinese. (yeah sorry not japanese).

My favo music : Pink floyd, Supertramp and DAI ofc.

I work for an airline company (Air france/klm) but still I have lots of time left to do whatever I like.

Best way to contact me (not that I know why anyone would....) is via :

most info about me is to be found with those two URL's

welcome!!!! wavey.gif
welcome and be active here for there are lots of great and fun people here....
Anna - Thanks.

Deathangel - Thanks to you too. About activity, I'll try to be. If you guys/girls keep on posting I will keep up responding I guess. Hope I do not respond too much though....
welcome !!
nice to know there are so many people like DAI .. foxx.gif foxx.gif foxx.gif
well, the activities here for now are quite slow for DAI just reform and not much news from them at the moment, but things here will get heated up once the band start releasing something new this just wait
Ironoyume - thanks smile.gif

Deathangel - Well I guess I just keep on posting on my own if I have to. I did talk a lot at world of warcraft,
and alltough I quit because the game became boring I guess I still miss the communication....
welcome to daiforum! i hope u'll enjoy your time here.. smile.gif

QUOTE(Yiasya @ Jan 30 2009, 11:57 PM) *

and started spending my time with learning mandarin chinese. (yeah sorry not japanese).

nothing wrong with that.. (i tried to learn it too -to be exact, forced to learn it when i was in China-, but it's way too hard for me tongue.gif)
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