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Full Version: Five Centimeters Per Second
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Anyone else catch this? How did you like it? How did you read the ending?

Myself I keep seeing its tear-jerking powers compared with Grave of the Fireflies and can see why. But I know I will not watch Grave of the Fireflies again ever whereas this I've seen this a couple times now. Maybe the aesthetics almost make it all OK. If they ever invent liquefied-light angel-paint then Makoto Shinkai is the new man for the new medium.

I've seen it once. wink.gif Prollly wont ever watch it again unsure.gif
i've seen this movie.. long time ago.. nicely drawn movie..

the ending? hmm..
if i'm not mistaken..
the girl is getting married with another man, isn't she?
can't remember it well..

i think i already forgot about it... tongue.gif hehehehe

oh, nice ending song..
one of my favorite movies. found out about it from a youtube link with the theme song's mv. only watched the fansub.

i watched this movie at a somewhat critical point in my life. watching it reminds me of what i went through the first time i saw it, but more than that, i'm reminded to stop waiting.

that's the message i got from the movie. dunno about everyone else.

but yeah, in the end--the guy finds out from his parents that the girl is marrying another man. dunno what happens to the guy, but i think he just continues with his life, empty with nothing but his job (and feeding a cat, i think?)
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