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Sleeping With the Enemy Denver Native RightWingNut Seeks FlamingLiberalWoman for NSA "interracial encounter"

The DNC is in town, and walking around downtown tonight, the Liberal Women were all damn good looking... they were HOT... (are liberal woman "better" looking?)

I propose a NSA meeting of the minds, um, I mean bodies... Do conservatives and liberals "do it" different? Do we have different sexual priorities and skill sets? Consider it a "diversity" learning experience.

We would meet for a drink, have fun slamming the other side (in a good way...) and then go back to your hotel room or my house and screw our brains out. This would be as exciting as doing someone from another race, or from a foreign country that speaks a different a language.

I think this is one of the best ideas I've had in ages, do you agree?

I happen to be way more conservative than McCain, 45 and good looking and disease free, single and very "oral"... All races and ages welcome (and exciting), conservatives and liberals are almost different races, but we're all Americans, right?

Do me... I can be available for a day or evening encounter... it would be a great DNC memory... Help me bridge the gap between differing political views... The Liberals and Conservatives must find common ground... (in the bedroom).

This could be a great memory for each of us... email me back... NOW... times a wastin...

This is old, but hilarious.

He's definitely a "uniter," not a divider.... naughty.gif
Yeah, unite them on his polygamist compound...
Wait, he's a polygynous mormon? Isn't that Utah?
I don't think this Johnson needs a pretext (like the LDS church) for his Gulf of Tonkin.

It is funny though why is he not interested in using pretexts yet he is a conservative?

Anyone slightly ingenious/insidious would disguise himself as a Democrat (=easiest thing in the world) and voila, get laid like in Matrix Reloaded

Unless he was afraid of getting smitten with the throng of infidels. . .
But what if screwing a democrat is the old, boring thing to do at the DNC? If he pretended to be a democrat, he probably would have less of a chance of getting some. If he straight up came out and said he was a republican, he could play that whole thrilling/kinky/experimental factor, and some FLW would find it just as exciting as he does to have this "interracial encounter"...

But getting smitten? The only thing he could be smitten with after placing this Casual Sex Wanted ad is an STD, hahahaha XP
Maybe. I guess Republicans are kinkier in practice but Dems are higher concept.
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