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Full Version: Hi, KR here
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Hey guys! Been a long while since i came back to the forum (although I always kept it bookmarked).

Went thru the threads, glad to see new members, even when DAI is no more, their music lives on to attract more people. smile.gif

And Im realli glad to see familiar faces stil being active here.

Been to the old threads during the period where DAI just announced its disbandment, to the threads where we all say our farewells and best wishes to them - and i felt nostalgic all of a sudden haha.

Realli brings back memories of the good old days.

Well, almost 3 years have passed, just tot i drop by and say Hi again, to my old friends and new fans of DAI.

KR, signing off.

welcome back Kirin!!! biggrin.gif

This forum is still active, less than in the past. But we are still alive!!! buno.gif

I think that smiley says it all, friend.
i really love to see old timers coming back...... biggrin.gif

anyway nice to "meet" you....XXDD
Hows everyones favorite DAI informer girl doing? Haha, yup its been a long time. Glad that u still remember me. haha. biggrin.gif

KANPAI! (I cut down on booze alot lately haha)
Glad to see ya dude! smile.gif

Hi thanks! nice to meet u too! Ur nick sounds familiar though. haha cool.gif
(im from SG too)
Hello KR! not sure if you remember me but wb!

You bring up a good point, since there seems to be alot of new members even thought eh band disbanded already. Sort of surprising but I guess that just shows how kewl DAI is rolling.gif
Welcome back KR!
Hi Kirin!

It's nice to see old members back, it makes me remember of the old threads with billions of pages. I always think of that one made for the For the Future releasement. That were good times indeed. laugh.gif
But as Anna has said the forum it's not dead and we're still waiting for the DAI return announcement.
KR...u GOTTA comeback to daiforum now. DAI is BACK!!!!!
mroneder! wb!

omg, kr.. why u suddenly made a post of this out of the blue? Now den i realised this thread, haha.
Omigosh......i really feel like i need to stop by more often here hehe....KR when's the next time you guys gonna be free huh??
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