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Full Version: Hi ! I'm a newbie!
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Hello all DAI fans!

I am newbiesucks..
yes, i am a newborn here (that's why i try to introduce myself tongue.gif ),
and newbie -as always- sucks.. LOL..

Okay, i have listened to DAI for about 4 or 5 years (i forgot when the first time i listened to their songs sad.gif ) ..
But somehow i got this love struck recently.. LOL.. yea, no days without listening their songs.

My first DAI song is Fukai Mori, thanks to Inuyasha for using this song as the ending theme song.

What else..? ow, I am male, 22 years old, from Indonesia..

I think it's enough. I hope i can be a nice forum member here.

Nice to meet you all !! smile.gif

* I forgot, Thanks to Akasha for telling me about this forum.. ^^v
You betcha, welcome to the forum sucker newbie! wavey.gif
Hi & welcome!!! foxhi.gif
welcome and be active wavey.gif
yosh!! InDoNeSiAn.....and its not stovila....
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