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SO many memories revived!! i wish i was back in 1996 playing diablo 1 18/6 ! (thats 18 hours a day 6 days a week)

WEEEEEEEeeeeEEeee first impression it lok so greeattttttttttttt.. rolling.gif
haha you beat me to it.. i got home, saw the announcement, went crazy and slept.. lol

the physics engine is amazing.. the video i've gotta say looks pretty poor at the moment.. the graphics look a little lacking. the gritty detail seems to be missing, and the death animations sorta feel warcraft 3-ish.. exploding corpses didn't really translate that well into the diablo universe in 3D. but, this is blizzard and i have an obsession... haha they will never let me down.. i am concerned too though that it doesn't seem as forbodding.. but... time will tell.

i love how those creatures crawled up from both sides of the bridge and attacked the barbarian.. and the breaking environment! awesome.. i wonder how that'll work in multiplayer. not liking the witch doctor so much.. it's like they combined the Druid's elemental/Assassin's potion attacks with the Necromancer's Summon and Curse skills.

the main question is all the lore that this will answer and in a way i'm tempted to stop reading updates like im keeping up with all the Starcraft 2 news.. Diablo just seems to have so much to offer and every little bit found out whilst playing the better.
Its gonna be awesome, the graphics and gameplay. Even though I didn't play the 1st and 2nd parts of the game, i am excited about the game. laugh.gif

I'm just as excited about Starcraft 2 tongue.gif
I'm glad blizzard are so understanding to the fans.. the Frozen Throne guys are doing SC2 this time around.. and I'm so happy that everyone felt the same when the terrans came out all cartoony and there was that uproar. The grittier models are a lot better.. hopefully they keep implementing the things the fans want, but also keeping their artistic vision their own. I personally saw nothing wrong with the new dark templar, but it seems everyone wants the old one.. *shrugs*

It's exciting because during every interview Blizzard are so coy about it.. it's like with either SC2, despite all the unit and buildings released (and at this stage everything is still liquid) that they're holding a massive ace up their sleeves. The anticipation is the same for D3, but releasing 2 classes I guess that just wets our appetites. Still not happy with the Witch Doctor's new gameplay video.. the skills are essentially variations of Necromancer skills.

Being able to choose your gender is going to be interesting.. but I also fear that my beloved Amazon would then be cuz because of this.
lol well the slowly releasing is all part of marketing. Release enough to generate buzz and interest but still keep some excitement when the thing is actually released. And also keep some flexibility in your changes in design if any does need to be done. I'm actually SUPRISED they decided on "five" classes, rather than TBD rolling.gif

I do agree the witch doctor is alot like the necromancer but in a way I think with so many of these types of games before, the class types really are a mix of previous ones with 2 or 3 unique abilities at most. The rest is balance and graphics/presentation issues.

And I forgot all about the lack of gender choosing in previous diablos before they mentioned it LOL. Sorta silly but then again thats a whole different issue. I just hope they somewhat care about bots and exploits and stuff.
blizzard is awesome with keeping up with bots and mods tampering on isn't perfect, but they still updated on that issue even now..

as for the rehash.. well if we look at D1 > D2 the warrior/rogue/sorceror got expanded to 5 very distinct classes (LOD bringing it to 7). as with starcraft 2, im getting a feeling that Blizzard don't want to break too much new ground with their franchises anymore, putting a 2D game into 3D isn't really innovation..
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