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Full Version: Please List the Best PC MMO Games that you know
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MMORPG, MMO combat, dance, music, first person shooter, whatever. For PC only.

If there's another game in mind, that is on Xbox/PS platform, write it down separately =D


- Ragnarok Online
- Ragnarok Online 2
- 9 Dragons
- Seal Online
- Cabal

- Pang Ya / Albatross 18

- Gunbound

- O2 Jam

That's all I know.
World of Warcraft
Guild Wars

There's only one i need to mention....

Final Fantasy XI
But FF is not for PC ._.

Anything else? laugh.gif
And PS3.... and 360.

My clan has their own website.... we're called Moonwatyr. We're lovely people. Really.

One of my highlights was leveling Black Mage in Garlaige Citadel with a JP party. I was trying out Magic Bursts (spell that finishes a skillchain) with Freeze (Ancient Magic = mega damage), and when i finally nailed it, the mobs kept coming and our exp gains went through the roof.
Free MMOs I've played or been recommended

Silkroad Online
(skill based system rather than race; you can learn every skill if you wanted to, obviously that'll take forever and not be very helpful)

(best pet system I've seen so far.. if it keeps expanding it'll become like pokemon haha, and one of the first free MMORPGs to have awesome graphics - now it's pretty standard)

Maple Story
(OMG I wasted my life playing this, slowest leveling system -__-. 2D platforming and keyboard bashing attack system, a great way to break a mouse is attempting to "party quest" as leader. You don't know what real KSing is until you've played Maple. It takes just one lightning mage to screw your day.)

Granado Espada
(very unique system; you control a 3 player party and can expand your "family" so you can mix and match the 3 characters for different quests. to my understanding it's not free roaming, but the quests are instance based. so you go to an NPC in town.. and you can go on a quest, but you can't exactly walk to that quest area?)

Rising Force Online
(one of the best free Sci-fi MMORPGs. who wants to ride a mech?)

Perfect World
(fantasy with fairy wings and cat-girls for those who have that kinda fetish tongue.gif)

Audition Online
(It's like O2Jam from what I've hard.. i dont understand dance games, but a LOT of korean bands have gotten big from this)

Paid and/or coming soon
I don't usually like paying for MMOs because I can't afford a pay every month thing.. that and how will you know you can play every month.. or get the most out of the $10-20 you pay to play?
(I played this combat MMO in open beta. Basically it's an arena type PVP system where you win points which add to skills which you can buy. Fun, and you don't have to keep paying for it- just buy the game and play for free. Playability seemed kinda short, got boring after a while)

Eve Online
(If there were one game I'd pay to play for is this giant space opera. The screenshots and review all rave about this space combat game, anyone wanna sponsor me?)

(Delicious!! in development and will most likely be free to play)

(I was playing this in open beta like 2 years ago.. it's still stuck in Beta and when I played it the game had potential. It was extremely empty and the textures needed working on.. might be better now?)

Ragnarok Online 2
(That's right fanboys and fangirls. RO is coming out in 3D soon.)

Stargate Worlds
(YES YES YES!! Stargate <3. It's under development, with a tentative end of year release. Can play as Goa'uld, Jaffa, Asgard and human *snore*. FPS style RPG.. will be definitely interesting. Fanboy <3)
I've actually played alot to be honest, none for too long though.

Flyff - the biggest grind fest ever, stupidest pvp ever, the least variety ever (interms of weapon, class, looks, skills)..... how did i even play that game for so long LOL. I could probably point out the most things wrong with this game.

FFXI was pretty good, but slow lvling, long drawn out fights, and party reliance, heavy penalty for being in a bad party.

Granado Espada was unique alright with the control of 3 people instead of 1 but it was a afk fest, the ai did all the fighting for you..... heal, attack, run, follow........ and can't go beyond lvl 20 or something without paying

Maple Story was 2d and again, bot fest when i was around.

What was that mmo where everyone was dressed in school clothes? that was hilarious, didn't play it much though.
Ragnarok 2 is already out isn't it? like year ago or so.

but wow shinsigami, how many games you play everyday? x_X
oh i dunno i was just remembering stuff i heard or read

i dont play that much.. i change quite often
I'm a little bit surprised COH/COV (City of Heroes/Villains) was not mentioned here. Its a fun game. It is $30 dollars for 2 or 3 months but its well worth it. The best thing about this game is the community and the freedom of imagination and creativity. When it comes to creating a character, I haven't found something better in terms of the appearance. You can actually make your guy or gal look how you want. The class that your hero or heroine (also villain or villainess) doesn't limit your character to wearing this or that. You can really go wild here. The people there are truly friendly, helpful, and funny.

My second pick is Rumble Fighter. When it comes to free MMO's I think this one should really be considered. Of course if you are looking for something more casual. This is a action/fighting game. Up to 8 people can battle it out, every man for himself, or teams. It reminds me of powerstone, double dragon, tekken, and little fighter 2. No need for grinding... You do level up but its not urgent here. You also have a lot of freedom making your fighter or character look how you want them to. A lot of hair-dos, shirts, pants, shoes, accessories, etc... You also can buy scrolls (which are different styles of martial arts) and exocores (Transformations for your character... being that a wolf like blood roar, firing cannons, spirit sword like bleach, etc... It seems to be a salute to fighting games, and anime/manga. You can notice that playing awhile. I will say, the community is not the most friendly. If you've played Gunbound you know what I mean...

"You stupid ****in noob!!!"

"Lagger! Who is lagging? Who is lagging? Move like this if you're not lagging. See, I told you it was him."

Yeah, Gunbound was funny... Anywayz, I push for anyone here to give Rumble Fighter a try. Its more like an online fighting game than an rpg. Winning enough matches will get you promoted to another channel. Awards are given at the end of battles also. You can have a friendlist. The setup is lobby style. Go to your channel and find a room to start rumbling. I should also mention watch out for the edges. You can fall and be knocked off the stage. No, you can't swim...

Fan of heroes, villains, and rpging... COH/COV = 10

Looking for good mmorpg. not big on heroes. COH/COV = 8

Love competition, don't have a lifetime for grinding, fast action, and fighting. Rumble fighter is for you. If you want something more point in click, I wouldn't choose this then.

P.S. - I'm not on COH/COV at the moment but on Rumble Fighter, SHAUNIE. So if you're tough enough come get some! I'm in the Pro Channel!
QUOTE(Daish @ Jun 12 2008, 08:35 PM) *

Flyff - the biggest grind fest ever, stupidest pvp ever, the least variety ever (interms of weapon, class, looks, skills)..... how did i even play that game for so long LOL. I could probably point out the most things wrong with this game.

I was sooo addicted to this game
(on several occasions)
I've played almost all the versions
it was free so...i didnt care how bad it really was
QUOTE(mavrick_45 @ Oct 12 2008, 08:04 PM) *

QUOTE(Daish @ Jun 12 2008, 08:35 PM) *

Flyff - the biggest grind fest ever, stupidest pvp ever, the least variety ever (interms of weapon, class, looks, skills)..... how did i even play that game for so long LOL. I could probably point out the most things wrong with this game.

I was sooo addicted to this game
(on several occasions)
I've played almost all the versions
it was free so...i didnt care how bad it really was

Same here. xD I had a Billposter and an Elementer xDDDD
That game was addicting if you had friends play with you. x______X

But to answer the actual question:

Priston Tale II: The Second Enigma. It's open right now to Korean only, but it's rumored to be open to America around February 2009. Haven't played it obviously, but I've seen plenty of screen shots and demos to think it looks pretty amazing. More than likely a grind-fest, but what game ISN'T? x___X
FLYFF was cool. I just needed more individualism. You know what was horrible though... I was playing some game I think Hero. Everyone looked the same. I figured once I get to lvl10 I'd get armor and become my own person... I got to level 10, went were the other level 10s were and guess what, we all looked the same again... I decided I would stick to Rumble Fighter and COH after that lol. dunno.gif
Ban Chan Fan
Playing Warhammer right now. Enjoying it so far, although im only 32.
My friend came over to stay a few nights and brought Uncharted for me to play. I finished it at half 4 in the morning after a 3 day slug. He also lent me Assassin's Creed. I don't know if i should start it... there are plenty of other games i haven't even started/finished.

@BCF: Warhammer fantasy rocks. Especially the books which are my main source of inspiration.
Assassins Cread is entertaining... if you have the spair time I'd suggest giving it a try...
But thats just my taste...
It has a PC conterpart? Never knew... I only got to play threw part of the game on my friends Box..

Baldur's Gate and Ultima are two of my all time favorite RPGs ..

BG wasn't online and I never accualy "played" a full version of Ultima...So I don't know what grounds really lol

BG storyline was just fantastic through it and offered a SHIT TON of play time...
You could play threw just the main part of the game in a relatively short time..
However if you dip off into side quest, it can offer something like 300 hours of game-play..
Probibly less for you hardcore gamers out there... But you know some of us accualy had THINGS TO DO!!!
Deff. reccommend this to anyone who hasn't already played it...

Ultima is a really innovative open source game..
Like I said, I havn't accualy played any full version of it...
I tamperred alot with UOXE in 96 and 97 pre-release..
A month or two of programming in litteraly... whatever you can come up with...
I stayed entertained with just a small group of friends over a LAN network for ages..
Nowadays with many servers hosted, you don't have to go threw all the trouble designing your own. So, you can pretty much "click and enjoy"... If you can't find one that meets your fancy, or if you want to have a little private place where you and your friends can enjoy some classic RPGing... Then a little bit of work can go a long way and save you alot of bullshit from other public servers...

Anyway I'll save the 6 page long entry and leave it with those two ...
I found this wonderful video showing the world and environments of FFXI. There must be hours upon hours of footage condensed into 10 minutes here.

This is Vana'diel, living and breathing.
Can't believe noone mentioned Lineage.

My friend got me hooked on that for a bit on private servers and it was pretty dam fun.

I quit right when he switched to the new update with these cool one winged Kamael.
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