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Full Version: Happy Birthday Ryo
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Turns 37 today (California its the 4th) hopes he makes new music soon
stay positive Ryo and keep on Rockin
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday! ^_^

I hope you release a new CD soon, 'cuz that'd be the greatest gift ever. You get to make music that you love, we get to hear new songs (so your fans get happier), and you get money. =)

So please release a CD soon, or something. Happy birthday. ;__;
Wow i thought there'd be more posts on this thread lol.

Thanks for making your music, you rock. Oh and happy birthday. bowdown.gif
Happy Birthday and HIZAKI inspire many of my friends and me to pick up Guitar......
I feel ashamed for missing this! buncry.gif

Maybe there will be a MI release in honor of his birthday? (One can dream...)
Yay!! RYOZA~!!!!!!!!


Sorry for being late to post!! But I did remember you birthday....before April 4 ends... rolling.gif

Yzel (an inactive member of this forum T_T) & I were texting each other about Ryo the whole day...and then she realized that the reason why Ryoza was our topic because it's his birthday!! Hell yeah~!!! Otanjoubi Omedetou Ryoza~!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
how I could forget His Birthday!!! I'm a really bad bad fan!!! buncry.gif buncry.gif buncry.gif
It's all my job's fault!!! dry.gif

Happy birthday Ryo!!! My only love!!!! bunlove.gif bunlove.gif bunlove.gif
OMG ! I missed this too ! T__T

A new release for Ryo's birthday sounds too good to be true... We haven't heard from them in so long... T_T
Joe Nagao
Happy birthday Ryo-sama! I love you~
Belated Happy Birthday Ryo. smile.gif
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