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Full Version: HPPYBDY Yovine!
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"Happy Birthday to youuu,
Happy Easter to youuu,

Happy Birthday, Happy Easter, Happy Birthday to youuu.. <3 "

Yeah happy birthday!!

May your wishes come true and keep making those great banners! laugh.gif
deathangel are getting older................XXDD

Yay!!! My idol ever in making banners!! YOVINE~!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arigatou, minna-san~ *shy shy shy* wub.gif
Although this year's birthday was a really bad day (well, I almost did not wish for it), but thanks to you too, it's been a good b'day at last ^^V. Aa.. and to Mr. Stovila, thanks for the colourful eggs (still, I can't eat them, and I won't, because I don't like to eat eggs ><), Happy Easter to you too, and to all members of DAI Forum who celebrate it ^^.
[font=Book Antiqua] GYAAAA! Sorry to late!!!!!!! HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!
sorry sorry sorry to be so late!!! bowdown.gif

Happy Birthday Yo-chan!!! foxhi.gif
Y0v1n3....dude, I barely see you anymore. ;_;

But happy birthday! ^_^
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