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Full Version: *TangerineRaven*!!! Happy Belated Birthday!
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Happy Belated Birthday Anna P! bunyay.gif bunyay.gif bunyay.gif
Happy Belated birthday TangerineRaven!!!!!!!!!
happy birthday *Tangerine_Raven*!!!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday TangerineRaven! wavey.gif
Oh snap, Happy Belated Birthday TR! bunyay.gif Hope you had a great birthday!
Happy belated B-Day!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! [url="java script:add_smilie("]foxangel.gif[/url] Hope God bless you.....!
Nice new guitar... heh.

Happy biday.
Yay!!! OMG!!! I'm always late~!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL, thanks everyone!

I came here on my b-day, and there was no thread for me.. I thought you forgot about me!! rolling.gif

@Stovila: I <3 my new guitar =D

Thanks again everyone! My b-day was probably one of the best I've ever had! I had tons of fun biggrin.gif
Happy belated birthday! wavey.gif Glad to hear you had so much fun.
Oop, how late am I? So whatcha did on your birthday, other than getting a new guitar.
QUOTE(innerchild @ Jan 15 2008, 12:39 PM) *

Oop, how late am I? So whatcha did on your birthday, other than getting a new guitar.

I spent time at home with my friends.. we just hung out and watched "The Office" and ate pizza, lol.. I got "The Office" season 3 for my birthday. I <3 THAT SHOW.

Also, that day at school, I got a hug from a cute guy, hahaha.
Happy Happy Birthday!!! buno.gif

Hope you had lots of fun on your big day!!

By the way....

Tina told me about the big party you're having this Saturday, and I really wanna go!! I hope I'll be able to make it this year. =\

And umm... Matt's not going to be there, is he? You know I hate that guy. He likes trying to flirt with me when he's drunk. >.>

And tell Katie I want my MP3 player back! I let her borrow it like, for a month ('cuz hers broke, remember?), and I never got it back. T_T (your mom won't miss her if she suddenly winds up "missing", will she? Your younger sister is SO annoying at times...)

(NOTE: I don't really know Raven. And I doubt she knows anyone with these names. But I could be wrong.

Being stupid is fun. xD)
^I knew she couldn't know that many people with such common names. XD

At first, I was like WTF?!?!

Haha, nice Oasis tongue.gif
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