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Hello, hello!

Well to start off, I started listening to DAI in highschool, and that was oh so long ago. And I've been a member of this forum for a while, I used to stalk a few members here, eheh. Some personal info: I'm a Junior in College double-majoring in Chemistry & Microbiology and minoring in Math. (I was supposed to graduate this Spring but due to circumstances out of my control I have to stay back another year; which is ok with me I guess.) So I pretty much have no free time anymore to visit the forum, but I do pass by sometimes as a guest to see how everyone's doing. I can't remember my password for the life of me! Hope to see more of the old members coming back too. Anyway, have a nice day everybody, imma eat!

Hey Virile! lol

you know... it just occured to me. if you request a password reminder from the mods, they will know that it's you when they see your email and other info in your userprofile.... if someone fake was trying to get your password, why would they put your actual email as the one in the userprofile?
I'm not sure why I can't retrieve my password. I wonder if it's been sent to Freako's email instead of mine.

Virile: As in PMing the mods? I'm not sure what you're getting at. @_@ I think anybody can easily look into another person's profile and copy everything they have there. I can look into inner child's profile and after a few copy-and-pastes, make it as my own. I think the important thing is that a few of the members can recognize me, like you, Elliott, and Jitsu. But then again, would they know it's really Virile, Tulron, or Jitsu's that's asking? Haha :X
well, they don't have to reply with your password by PM, they could email it to you. And if it's to your email address, then how could it be anyone else?

but yeah, i could actually be a 300lb fat guy named carl who lives in my mom's basement at the age of 40. ph34r.gif laugh.gif
Oh that's right. I get it! I'll go find a Mod to bug. biggrin.gif


Security is a big feature on this board, and to that end, all passwords are encrypted when you register.
This means that we cannot email your password to you as we hold no record of your 'uncrypted' password. You can however, apply to have your password reset.

To do this, click on the Lost Password link found on the log in page.

Further instruction is available from there.
Does that mean I can't get my password at all? I still have to go through the step process as before, but I'm not recieving any emails! I think I might have tried a hundred times already.
the email in your innerchild profile says [email protected] have you checked there?
I just checked it, nope no luck. Now that's five email accounts with no password. :X
did you change email? as in your innerchild acc has a "fake" email that you don't use no more? Oh well I lost my ignorance acc as well >_<
I can change the email address in innerchild account into other email address you prefer.

You have the same IP address with innerchild, i assume both you are the same villain.

Virile did asked me about IP address, but honestly I wasn't sure what it was. I'll PM you about this Stov! What if a lot of the old members haven't returned because they're experiencing the same problems as I am... ohmy.gif
I changed it.

For old members, they can tell me the same way you did, but please prove it if it's you (other veteran witnesses testimony prefered).
Does that mean I'm supposed to be getting an email right about now? [email protected]
My inbox is open and haven't recieved anything new. dunno.gif Sure I think Virile can tell you it's really me, he's veteran enough. XD
Yep, it's inner! smile.gif

If you need anymore witnesses, we can try and get Jitsu back on DAIForum!
I only change the email address. YOu might try to "reset the password" feature to retrieve it in your email. It should works.. maybe..
Ah thanks Stov! bunhug!

Here I go spamming, lol. superbun.gif

LOL, how did that signature got there. rolling.gif
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