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Full Version: J-POP top 10 - Sept 06
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just found this video.. im not sure about the basis of the ranking.. yeah, its an old one. she was at no. 6

after looking at the list, i can say banchan can be proud of it. maybe she's not on top of the list
but, the rest of the song are different genre.. u know what i mean. just looking at her clip, there nothing fancy
furthermore, she still in the process of gaining new fans since she had move from rock to pop

if she gonna maintain her current music, i dont think it will be a problem for her career

oh.. glamorous sky is no. 1 yay!!.. but i prefer hyde sang it hehe

what say u? since majority are more expert on j's music scene and up to date.. hehe
I don't agree with that list. I love the fact Mika is #1 and Hikki is #3 with Passion/Colors, but Tomiko shouldn't be #6. If it was Hold Me.. I would agree, but not Farewell. Koda's Butterfly is a much better song ( and video tongue.gif ) then Farewell. If I was in charge of that list I'd move Farewell to #10 and Butterfly to #6, but that's just me tongue.gif
noooooo.... !! u cant do that !! hehe

yeah.. like i said earlier, the rest of the song are the same (dance with fancy pv) except for her and no. 5 if im not mistaken.. thats why i say she can be proud of it hehe

but the thing is.. we dont know the basis of the chart hehe
Well it'S no official Video anyway XD

I think some fan just made up his personal raking in female J-Stars^^
I love Farewell o_O; it's verry good.
how dare ITO YUNA beat VAN TOMIKO! >:(
and they should've chosen a different video for shimatani...Jewel of Kiss?
and DAI (i.e. ayumi hamasaki) is #2 tongue.gif
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