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Full Version: coffee rumba - cover u with love
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anybody knows which song is this originally from.. i know i heard other version b4,, but cant remember
From Italy song or Spanish, I forgot. Sang by Male, I heard this song like more than 10 years ago.
Luigi As Infinity2015
from venezuela
The song is called "Moliendo Café" and was by a singer named Mario Suárez.
There you go..

Btw, where is Venezuela? lol.

QUOTE(Stovila @ Dec 11 2007, 05:10 AM) *

Btw, where is Venezuela? lol.

Venezuela is in South America wink.gif
oh.. hehe thanks..
u know how terrible it feels when u try to remember something that stuck in your mind haha

when i tried to remember this song.. i only can recalled 'kopi dangdut' (dangdut coffee) hahahaa another remade version of the song i think biggrin.gif

Kopi Dangdut... old song.. I hate that song..
But then I heard Ban-chan's version..
I started to like it..
QUOTE(town_el @ Dec 17 2007, 10:03 PM) *

Kopi Dangdut... old song.. I hate that song..

cant blame you for that.. it is well understood rolling.gif rolling.gif rolling.gif
Haha.. never thought i would like that song..
Umm.. not kopi dangdut version.. but Coffee Rumba..
Ah, I hope I've never heard Kopi Dangdut so I can enjoy listening to Coffee Rumba..
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