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who has the game and who's gonna get it?

we Canadians won't get it till next week sad.gif But i won't get it until Jan or Feb of next year. rolling.gif

check out this video of some BB employees playing

when you get it let us know how the guitars compare to the feel of guitar hero 3 guitars
my friend said it's a good party game, but it's kinda lame on your own.
Wow this thread is old, RB2 is already out but sadly I only rented it. RB1 is still a fav for me. It beats GH World Tour anyday. I mainly play guitar and I still love it.
Rock Band 2 = X-Japan "IV"

Hell yeah. bowdown.gif bowdown.gif bowdown.gif
Haha I finally played this the other day and have to admit it's pretty addicting. I like the drums mostly cause they're at least analogous to the real thing.
yeah! vocals are kinda crippled, because you have to sing it like a machine. you can't really add any heat or fire to your voice, because then it distorts the tone and you don't get as high a score.

If Kurt Cobain was singing the nirvana song on rock band he'd score a 60%.

But then again, if you're playing rock band 2 you can just go to no fail mode and then go to town because the score doesn't matter.

Master Exploder anyone?


It's a great fucking game for a party, and even better when you're drunk.
I love the drums the most, as well. I got Rock Band 2 about two months ago and I love it (no mic, though--I just bought the guitar and drum set). I'm still playing most of the songs on Medium when on drums, but I'm learning to play'll take time, but either way, it's a blast.

I've had a few awesome Rock Band gatherings. They'll be even better because one of my friends got the entire set, so he can bring over his guitar and microphone. Plus he picked up a used copy of Rock Band 1, so he's gonna bring that over so I can buy the $5 key to rip the songs on that disc to my game...which I must say is an awesome feature. smile.gif

Plus, 20 free songs with purchase of a new copy of the game? Hell yeah!

Carry On Wayward Son is a fave, though not too hard on the drums...
Aww, no mic? What am I gonna do when I drunkenly crash your place??
I shall purchase a mic for that very occasion. =P

Can you use a Bluetooth mic for the game, or is a Rock Band-specific mic required?

Any of you guys check out the Rock Band Merch Booth? It's pretty awesome! You can link it to your PSN or XBL account and have it scan for your characters, which you can then have made onto t-shirts or even into 6-inch figures. =O

I'm definitely getting a figure done of my friend's character for her birthday, since she loves the game so much.
Any usb mic is good. but the tapping function for the cowbells, handclaps and tambourines won't work. and will probably ruin the substituted microphone over extended use.
Haha why am I not surprised that you include alcohol in your shenanigans.

My friend gets lazy so she just puts the mike near the tv though I'm not a big fan of singing I think I'll just have you rock it.

Also, I tried one of the impossible songs on hard and holy crap it's just like the real thing! You have to do 2+bass drum and they just fly past you, I get so uncoordinated when that happens.
The track Visions, by Abnormality.... fucking ridiculous.

and the singer is a really hot south indian chick, Mallika Sundaramurthy.

IPB Image
Yea I just tried that today, even the drums on easy were almost too much for me.

Hmm Google couldn't find other hot pictures of her but I'll take your word for it wink.gif
I'd only played that song once before, and tried it again last night on Medium while...under the influence. =X Didn't do too badly...
Man I was watching my friend play and he was killin it!

But then he told me later that he plays the drums for real so that made me feel better....about myself and for him (that he didn't spend time mastering Rock Band on XxHardcoreHARDxX)
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