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Mike Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard Entertainment had an interview discussing the "recent" merger with Activision. Pretty big news you all would have probably heard already, and the interview is pretty interesting.

Basically to summarize, there are many reasons for the merger - Blizzard dominate the PC industry (9.3 million subscriptions to WoW, Starcraft) and Activision (Crash Bandicoot, Guitar Hero, Call of Duty) have a major presence on consoles. Couple that with Blizzard being on of the few (if not only) western company to have deep Asian market penetration, the companies have joined to create the ultimate gaming company, arguably the biggest in the world. Vivendi appears to be holding a large share after the merger, and the deal is going down for a fat chunk of money (around 10bill). Virtually no management changes, so development schedules and such will remain unchanged.

Full article:

Interesting stuff, will keep an eye out on changes to Blizzard's quality games. Hopefully we'll be seeing some crossovers Call of Duty 2499: Sons of Korhal.
DAI World Order
this is pretty good news.

Activision is a better dev and publisher than EA IMO and now they are bigger than them.

Hope Blizzard can keep its quality despite size. I'm worried about SC2.
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