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Full Version: Command & Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars + Kane's Wrath
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If you're a fan of the Command & Conquer series, three small words are bound to get you excited: Kane is back. Indeed, so are a good number of beloved series hallmarks, like a huge amount of full-motion video and intense strategic combat. But Tiberium Wars is a lot more than just lip service to franchise enthusiasts, and you don't need the rose-hued glasses of nostalgia to appreciate its polish and intensity. It's simply a superb game that's fun and exciting to play both online and off.

No matter which of the two main campaigns you start off with, you're rewarded with a whole lot of live-action video in between missions, featuring familiar actors getting hammy in near-future command centers. There's never been anything subtle about C&C's full-motion video, and, true to form, the campaigns are loaded with wonderfully overblown sequences filled with intrigue and suspense. Yes, Joe Kucan has returned as Nod figurehead Kane, and he's as irresistibly creepy as ever. He and other familiar actors serve up a heap of extravagant solemnity against a backdrop of flashing lights and important-looking video screens.

There's also a new player in the mix: the alien Scrin race. At this stage in the series, the mineral tiberium has propagated over most of the Earth, but it's more than just an environmental plight--it's a key to future technology. It'll take you a couple dozen hours to get through the campaigns, and just when you think you've finished, there are a few surprise missions in store, and they are well worth the time it takes to unlock them. There are also plenty of reasons to return to the campaign once you're done, since the game rewards you with medals based on your performance and tracks a good number of statistics for you to chew on.

The missions themselves are incredibly varied and involve a lot more than destroying an enemy base or defending a particular structure. You'll have to do these things, of course, but you have both primary and secondary objectives to complete.

How differently each faction plays is impressive, especially with the new Scrin faction added to the mix. GDI units tend to be straightforward and powerful, and a huge force of mammoth tanks and juggernauts is a challenge to counter. Nod relies on sneakiness and smart use of unique abilities, and a small force of stealth tanks and viper bombers can cripple an enemy's economy. But playing as the Scrin is Tiberium Wars' greatest delight and challenge, since the alien faction is so different from the others.

Regardless of your history with Kane and his cohorts, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars is one of the finest real-time strategy games in years. It's also a triumphant return to form for the series, because it's more than just a graphical update--it's an exciting, well-tuned experience with enough that's old and enough that's new to thrill old-timers and newcomers alike. Suffice it to say, you should play this game, and expect to be playing it for a long time to come.

Source: Gamespot : Command & Conquer 3 : Tiberium Wars

Info on Kane's Wrath :;mode=previews
i think most ppl got into C&C actually during RA.. great series.. except for generals. what was that about.
DAI World Order
QUOTE(x_shinigami_x @ Dec 4 2007, 11:58 AM) *

i think most ppl got into C&C actually during RA.. great series.. except for generals. what was that about.

not much...just EA wanted to take you money rolling.gif
the joke's on EA.. i pirate all my games. hahaha jk.. not really.. i buy all my blizzard games HAHAHA
Yeah generals wasn't the best, i think renegade is nowhere too.
C&C Red Alert is available for free today on the official C&C website cool.gif
what? really? I'll go loooook
Anyone know the official release of C&C:Red Alert 3 date?
Supposedly Oct 28? That's what i read on gamespot.

Cool, it's so soon. laugh.gif
Hey, I played this game like 2 years ago.
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