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Full Version: Recent Nintendo DS Games
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This section seems so dead, so here is a new topic !
Let's talk about some recent games for NDS =)

Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings
The long awaited Final Fantasy game especially developed for NDS is finally out. And it's really good ! Not a surprise heh ? The genre is kinda new, it is a mix between a traditionnal RPG (Final Fantasy *) and a tactical RPG (e.g. Luminous Arc). Hence, the battle system is completly new, different, but once you get used to it, it is really nice. More precisions about the game in another post... Maybe =)

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney : Trials and Tribulations
The best attorney of the universe is back in this 3rd opus of the Phoenix Wright series. Again, we have four great stories, with all the usual suspense. And this time, we have a recurrent character in the four stories, which in a nice addition to the game. Moreover, the game seems a little more difficult than the two previous ones. But you still can finish it in less than 20 hours.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Though this game isn't for the most "hardcore" gamers...This game is godly addicting. It utilizes every feature of the DS. Every aspect of the DS makes the game that much more fun. =P
did i see "NDS >> PSP"

i rolling.gif at your DS. *pats final fantasy crisis core*
I don't like PSPs...The controls are weird. I've played plenty of my friend's and it just feels...wrong? They have some pretty good games on it (Like the next Kingdom Hearts drool) but the system is not for me. I might buy one so I can play the next Kingdom Hearts but that's about it. =P

DS are still better in my eyes.

Oh. Forgot Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. xDDDD Currently readdicted to Pokemon. A lot of people at my school are trying to bring Pokemon back. You see people walking in the halls with either a Pikachu Gameboy with red and blue or people trading on their DS's. xD It's hilarious. So I decided to help the cause so me and my friends battle wirelessly in class all the time. xD
The last days I've been adicted to Cooking Mama and Drawn to life. I can't stop playing. At CM it's funny the way you use the DS for cook, it's not very new but I like it laugh.gif . And Drawn to life is very special because you have to draw a lot of things and your own character too.

I didn't like the new Pokemon so much, it's the same I still prefer the olds.
I played to Revenant Wings and it's awesome! I love the battles and there's more dialogue than in the PS2 game, but I'm waiting for the Spanish release for play more.

I like this topic hehehe I'm very adicted to my DS this days.
weird? cuz.. that's how a PS controller is laid out.. hahaha my only complaint is that the slim is TOO slim. it feels like i'm pincing the controller just to hold it.

i dont mind the DS, it's just that your 50mb games are kinda simplistic. i also got hand cramps playing metroid on the DS. targetting, shooting and jumping at the same time just feels way too unnatural.
for the graphics and all the rest... PSP !

for nintento... snes and gba emulator rolling.gif
Advance Wars : Days of Ruin
The second opus of the Advance Wars series on NDS, after Advance Wars Dual Strike. The main, big, difference between those two games is definitely the graphic style, much more mature in the newly released game. The game is better balanced now, which I thought was impossible after Advance Wars DS o_O
We cannot play with two generals anymore, but the general can now sit in one unit and directly take part in the battle.

So, cheers for Advance Wars ! thumbup.gif
Haha, the only games I have for DS are Tetris DS and Pokemon Diamond. I'm near the end of Diamond, I think. I'm just too lazy to up my party to level 60 so I can beat the Elite Four. XD

As for Tetris... hey touff-ray! Haven't played you in a while. I'm ready for a re-match any time now! wavey.gif
I've been playing Brain Age II. Awesome game! smile.gif
QUOTE(Infiniation @ Feb 7 2008, 02:26 AM) *

As for Tetris... hey touff-ray! Haven't played you in a while. I'm ready for a re-match any time now! wavey.gif

I have no wireless internet access here in UK buncry.gif But anytime I go back home, I will definitely play with you biggrin.gif
I've been playing Tales of Innocence and Final Fantasy IV. Hopefully I beat them before Brawl comes out....
I was playing Cooking Mama 2 the other day on my friend's DS. It was really weird but it was fun nonetheless. ^_^ I made Pork buns! xD

And of course, Super Mario Go-Carts.. tongue.gif
DS Games Releases for February 2008:

Paws & Claws: Pet Resort
Zoo Tycoon 2

Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles
Homie Rollerz
My Horse and Me
Pet Pals: Animal Doctor
Puppy Palace
Real Soccer 2008
The Spiderwick Chronicles

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts
The New Zealand Story Revolution

Suzuki Super-Bikes II: Riding Challenge

FIFA Street 3

Spitfire Heroes: Tales of the Royal Air Force

Bratz: Super Babyz
USA Today Crosswords

Brain Assist
Bubble Bobble Double Shot
Nanostray 2
Petz Wild Animals: Tigerz
Puchi Puchi Virus

M&M's Kart Racing

But I don't own a DS yet XD. Just got a PSP recently, maybe I'll get it after I save enough money for it XD.
Is Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney a spinoff of Phoenix Wright?
QUOTE(Keiichi @ Mar 4 2008, 08:06 PM) *

Is Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney a spinoff of Phoenix Wright?

I doubt so dunno.gif

Got a PSP Slim a few months ago. And I must reckon that it is pretty good...
what are you playing on psp these days? i'm juggling valkyrie profile, patapon and disgaea.. amongst my wii play and ps3.. sad.gif
Hehe, I have got Patapon and Disgaea as well biggrin.gif
I am playing FF Crisis Core, it's much better than I thought.

QUOTE(touff-ray @ May 21 2008, 05:55 PM) *

QUOTE(Keiichi @ Mar 4 2008, 08:06 PM) *

Is Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney a spinoff of Phoenix Wright?

I doubt so dunno.gif

My mistake. It definitely is, since Phoenix Wright has a role in the story...
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