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Full Version: Hye-aye~~
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Hi guys!! I really really really REALLY love DAI!!!
I'm currently 15,a malaysian,chinese,male and...I LOVE DAI!!
I started listening to DAI 2 years ago,from Inuyasha. The first time i listened to Fukai Mori, i touched me deeply even though i dont understand the lyrics and i tell myself,i need to know more about them!! and eventually,i've found out that they've disbanded...T_T...too bad,i know them just a bit too late....T_T....
after having a hard time searching,i own 2 of their CDs and i'm looking forward to knowing more about them!! & Inspired by their music,i decided to learn guitar so that i can play their songs!!
I'm new here and know not much about Do As Infinity, so i'm looking forward to know more bout DAI and Ban-chan here!!
Enjoy the forum and have fun here wavey.gif
welcome, love to see another Malaysian here
enjoy your stay here and post as much as you can and you can get a lots of information about DAI from this forum......

have fum!!!!!!!!!
Thanx for the warm welcome Yuki and deathangel!!
@deathangel: do you mean there're malaysians other than me here??
welcome!!! happy.gif
i am a Malaysian but currently working in Singapore lor.......where u from? i am from Penang
hi ANNA!! ^_^

@deathangel : i'm from Ipoh, but currently living in JB...juz next to Singapore.... >.<
lol............when u got time come down to Singapore lor........i will be ur guide.....
@deathangel : haha, i will!! xD coz my dad works in Singapore too!!
welcome smile.gif
Welcome to the forums and have fun! laugh.gif
thanx for the welcome, Banfan and Houndtooth!!
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