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Full Version: Yumeji + WADACHI?
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I just started listening to WADACHI randomly, and i noticed something.

Kaerimichi toomawari shita
Akichi ni
Saku hanatachi no youni
Yasashiku tsuyoku narou

On the way home I made a detour
Around to that vacant plot.
Ah, but to become as gentle, and as strong,
As the blooming flowers.

(lyrics and trans from "We are For the Future")

and the pv for "Yumeji"

thoughts? dunno.gif
Ahahaha could be.

Do you want my Love,
Can't you make me Sweat,

The PV = COCO LEE : any "sweaty" PV =D

Lol what am I talking about.

Oh well but wadachi has pretty much detail for Yumeji PV, might be related might be not, but it's Ban Chan herself, so ..
well, ban chan or the producers of that pv might take that Wadachi details to do a Yumeiji pv for a kick or it is just coincidently.........but whatever we never know until we ask them..............XD
Hahaa, I like to find things like these. You brought a nice one =D

And as "deathangel" said, we need to ask them if we wanna make sure XD
So we'll never know... O_o
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