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Full Version: やさしさに包まれたなら/伴都美子
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I think this might be new since I've never seen it before
thanks for the link........yaya....finally got to see ban chan.....just wondering....izzit a recent one?
That live is from the Domoto Kyoudai show, it was aired on 20th of September, 2005 and the song is called Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta. So that live is not new sad.gif
Tangerine Dreamer
Yeah, if you look at the date, it was uploaded to YouTube September 6.
oh ok
sorry about that
Took them two years to upload a video rolling.gif

Nice to see though smile.gif
I wish the Tomiko version was on the movie, it's a cute song ^^

I love this show so much, it's always amusing to watch It's almost as good as Utaban, biggrin.gif
Haha this is like the exact opposite of "new".. this was Ban-chan's first live performance after DAI's break-up.

She does a great job on this song :]
deathangel a great song and she sang it well......
I have uploaded that one years ago in my account before it got banned T_T

Its cool that somebody uploaded it again.

It can be downloaded at

the first video at the bottom

" Domoto kyoudai 20/11/2005 "
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