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Blooming Flight
Hey, do you consider Mosaic and Labyrinth as Jazz Fusion?

They seem to have great elements of Jazz and Rock mixed together.
i dunno bout whether they are Jazz fusion or not but those two songs does indeed make them sound close to DAI songs........

anyway Mosaic and Labyrinth along with Yumeiji are among the best songs that Ban chan churn out at this a solo artist.......
I really like Manacles, that's a really good change of music for Tomiko~

And don't get me wrong I don't hate jazz and stuff like that, but I just felt like she was going limp with her singing if that makes sense. I thought she put herself more into singing when she was with DAI, so maybe some good new for the supporters of the re-union? rolleyes.gif
I love both very much!! I actually wouldn't mind if her music was all that style. I hope she'll have some new songs recorded soon, in mosaic/labyrinth kinda style... *___*
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