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Full Version: Akico from Amasia Landscape
Do As Infinity Forum > > Happy Birthday!
Yes.......It's her bday smile.gif)
You can check her new project called Mother Ninja at
All the best Akico!!!!!!!!!! wavey.gif
xD Wow.

But I agree, if we can tell Van, Ryo and Dai "happy birthday", why not the rest of their labelmates? (^^) Happy birthday, Akico!! May you have more success in the future (and here's hoping Amasia Landscape gets back together someday..).
Happy Birthday, person-whose-name-I'm-familiar-with-but-who-I've-never-really-heard-sing. laugh.gif


I heard about Mother Ninja a few months ago, because the rapper from m.o.v.e is in there. Thanks for reminding me, I'm gonna check their music out.
Ninja Mother's music is kinda bleh to me, to be honest. And they might be partially 'cuz someone from AAA is in the group. >.>

Yeah, I don't like that group too much, can you tell? (xD) I mean they can sing, but their lyrics...God their LYRICS. (ex: what the hell does "get out and slap every wack'n craps!" mean? x___X)

Anyway, HC, shame on you for never hearing any of Amasia Landscape's stuff! Go and download "Flower Crown" right now, darn you!!!!!! >|
"Flower Crown" (mini-album #2)
QUOTE(oasis_heart3 @ Sep 20 2007, 02:13 AM) *

what the hell does "get out and slap every wack'n craps!" mean? x___X)[/i]

LOL..................I have never payed attention to their lyrics.........but I kinda like their music so far.........
Btw Oasis, do you know where we can get Mother Ninja's mp3?
Lyrics are a major factor in me liking a song. I have a small tolerance for crappy/ridiculously crazy lyrics, and a lot of their songs seem to be that way...

And no, I don't know where you can download Mother Ninja's stuff. I can try looking on eMule sometime tonight; maybe I'll get something there.
uhm, what happen with amasia landscape?
QUOTE(Stovila @ Sep 20 2007, 11:17 PM) *

uhm, what happen with amasia landscape?

Amasia was put on hold after Area 404 was shut down...........
oooh ! =D

happy birthday, Akico smile.gif wavey.gif
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