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Full Version: FF7 Crisis Core
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*drool* i'm getting the limited edition PSP.. haha anyone else a FF freak? ^^;
I'm a FF freak!! But I don't own a PSP... Btw this game seems gourgeos!
Fantastic graphics for a portable...

Char design is above-average too. Aerith looks appealing and markedly less deformed/stylized
lol deformed.. polygons rule!!
I may need to buy myself a PSP. Get to see Zack's story now.

And I'm sure you all knew this if you played Dirge Of Cerberus, but Project Genesis = Gackt
lol so so true.. gackt rolleyes.gif the game that was fully based on him was funny.
I meant anime/manga deformed (SD), stylized not like they have a birth defect

aerith reminds me of x from soul cal
This game is awesome..
But the ending is a little bit... EMO ?
Hmm.. the ED song 'Why' by Ayaka is good though..
ENGLISH RELEASE MARCH 25th 2008!!! muhahaha only 3 more months till english crisis core bliss!!!
QUOTE(x_shinigami_x @ Aug 29 2007, 06:00 AM) *

*drool* i'm getting the limited edition PSP.. haha anyone else a FF freak? ^^;

FF freak here... bought the PSP for locoroc AND final fantasy.... learned today that it won't be out at my place (europe) before, like forever... around 3 months after the US release, so hopefully june....

i almost cried...

seen the japanese game, it looks fantastic on the PSP

there's no region restriction on psp - buy online!!
I'll so gonna get this one. bunspark.gif
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