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Full Version: Bioshock
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DAI World Order
anyone played this game on PC or Xbox 360?

I haven't tried it yet but i'm going to once I just upgrade my video card from a Radeon 9700 pro to a X1950 Pro. laugh.gif

just a note to people who want to play this but don't have a SM 3.0 capable card, DON'T GET THE GAME! it's not going to work for you! there are a lot of horror stories right now with people using old video cards like ATI X800 or before.

DAI World Order
i bought the game a few days ago and man, it rocked hard on my machine after i did the video card upgrade.

the game atmosphere is wierd kinda like Silent Hill. The A.I. is super smart and don't just stand in one spot to take a beating.

I'm not lucky enough to have a decent graphics card (Thing can't even run Deus Ex 2...), but from what I've heard of this game, it'd probably be worth the money to upgrade.
A guy I know was raving about the AI too, saying how it would actually upgrade itself right in front of him, and run to a med station when injured...does sound pretty brilliant.
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