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Full Version: Reideen
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I've downloaded some episodes of this anime. I must confess I got curious about it just because its opening theme. I've watched it up to 5th episode but I think it's a just ok anime, nothing different, a boy who control a giant robot, nothing special, huh.
So I'm here to ask to someone who have watched it more episodes than me if it continues the same way, or if it gets better later.
Anyone else watched it? What do you think about Reideen? biggrin.gif
I watch it and love it. Well yea its the typical boy has control over robot and protects japan but so far it has gotten really good, yea its a slow pick up cause it is the start of the anime but at the current episodes its on its gotten really good (well thats imo) so if u are still curious about it i say watch it. its really good XD
The starting episodes are really slow IMO, but it's still quite interesting laugh.gif
im waiting for episode 17 to be released, i want to know what happens they ended 16 so well XD
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