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Full Version: Happy 2 Year DAI Day To ME!!!!!
Do As Infinity Forum > > Happy Birthday!
Yes, it's true.. I've been a fan for 2 years!! I'm a couple days late cause I haven't been able to get online alot cause of school.

Well, just thought I'd mention it rolling.gif
Well, Happy 2 Years DAI day to you..... laugh.gif
Congrats and happy 2 year DAI day to you!! wavey.gif
Didn't you do this last year? rolling.gif

Welp, Happy 2 Years to you. XD
HAPPY 2 YEAR DAI DAY TO YOU!!! laugh.gif

*man...i should keep track of my own too* unsure.gif
TR, I think you're the only Daiforum member who keeps track of their Daiforum years. XD But happy 2 years to you!! Hope we have you as a fan for much more years =).
Tehehe thanks everyone wavey.gif

@Infini: Yes, I did do this last year rolling.gif

@Toodles: Haha, I think I am XP I don't care, it shows I'm dedicated haha
CONGRATULATIONS~!!!!!!!! OMEDETOU~!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY 2 YEARS~!!!!!!!!!! YAY~!!!!!!!!!! wavey.gif wavey.gif
Congrats lol. I can't remember when, but I believe the first time I hear DAI was night time. xD

Man, I wish i remembered what year i started liking dai, never mind the day! rolling.gif

Anyone offer help? rolleyes.gif
I don't remember the day I started listening to it... o_O
But it was on 2003... Yeah. ._.

Well, omedetou! XD'
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