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Full Version: Claymore
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Any Claymore fans out there? I'm a new fan smile.gif

I watched the first 8 episodes then jumped to the manga. Only negative about it is that it's monthly manga sad.gif
I only watched a few minutes of the first episode. Hasn't really catched my attention though dunno.gif
It looked like a female version of Berserk to me...
I read the manga first and then saw a bit of the first episode. If you notice a good amount of the people's faces look similar (like i think Raki and the guard at the church in the manga). I still think its okay, i would like to see how far the storyline goes and if after a while nothing that eventful happens; i might just stop watching/reading
The manga seems better to me. I don't like how they look like in color lol. It's probably because the anime is too dark.

Well i like both the anime and manga, but i think the color is actually better and more effective for the series. (i enjoy watching her eyes turn silver in the anime) It also helps a bit with distinguishing some of the characters.
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