Advertised as the graphically most impressive of all free MMORPGs (and to some extent better than some of the paid ones) Rappelz is.. well it's frikkin awesome! First of all it's FREE.. and beyond that I think the classes are all quite balanced. 3 Races (stylistically I guess they're not that different.. all humanoid) and 3 classes per race, it gives 9 fairly different play styles.

Deva - the "good/light" race: the Holy Warrior (High HP/Def), Cleric (Healer), Breeder (Tamer Pet Heal)
Asura - the "evil/dark" race: Strider (High Speed/Evasion), Dark Mage (Spell Damage) and Sorceror (Tamer Pet attack buffs)
Gaia - the "humans" race: Fighter (High attack), Kahuna (Healer/Attack) and Spell Singer (Tamer Balanced)

To be honest, it doesn't pull anything new.. everything you've seen in MMORPG can be found here; everything is fairly standard, but damn the graphics are good. My comp can barely pull off low level graphics (then again it's a piece of junk), looks great on my bro's laptop. The pet system is quite good, levelling feels fairly good and I haven't hit a flat spot (OMG Maple Story and Silk Road flats were sooooooooooo painful) so far (been playing for 2 weeks).

Overall a pretty good game, let me know if anyone is interested in starting happy.gif or are already playing

Epic 4 is "coming soon" (rumoured to be June) but start now as your characters will get carried over. Hopefully then they'll implement the rest of the pets. Common pets such as Yetis, Orcs, Skeletons, Pixies and Sirens are going to be.. well, more common. 3rd Evo Yetis look really cool.