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Full Version: The original artists liked Van's cover songs! =)
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I noticed the "Ann Lewis and her ring" thread, and I discovered this earlier today, on Van's official site. <3

...Did you know that three of the original artists (including Ann Lewis) thanked Van for her work?:

»Copied From: (click on the second "Voice" rectangle)
»Translated by: BabelFish and Oasis_heart3

Random Notes/Facts:
1. By "Translated", I mean "I plugged it into Babelfish, then I tried to make sense out of the 'broken English'". So I'm sure it's not a flawless translation, but there you go. ^^;;

2. In Ann Lewis' note, she wrote サンQ, which is a cute way/pun for "sankyuu"...which means "thank you". =)

QUOTE(Original Text --
「Voice ~cover you with love~」原曲歌手コメント

<川村結花 >

Wishing you great success on your new album !
<Ann Lewis(アンルイス)>


QUOTE(Translation -- by BabelFish and Oasis_heart3)
"VOICE ~Cover you with love" Original Artist Comments
"It was very kind of you to cover my song. You performed flawlessly and with nice, gentle vocals. I love your version, and thank you again [for covering my song]."
-Yuka Kawamura (original artist, "home")

"I'm delighted you chose this song! You have a nice voice, Ban-san. Thank you [for covering my song]~
Wishing you great success on your new album!"
-Ann Lewis (original artist, "Yoru ni Kizutsuite")

"Thank you for your splendid cover."
-Motoharu Sano (original artist, "Kanojo")

Wow soo cool! Thanks for the trans!
thank you for the translation oasis.

last time, i did one translation for one of the article using bablefish.. and posted somewhere inside this forum.. but didnt bother to correct it hehe
aw smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

Looks like Anna Lewis has become quite a fan of Tomiko biggrin.gif
Thanks for the translation oasis!!
That's nice to hear =D

Ann Lewis didn't talk about the MV?? .. サンQ~ is really cute XD

Thanks for the trans!!

You're all welcome. It was really no problem at all. ^^

Some of you may have noticed that these artists all did the first 3 tracks of Van's album. Hopefully in the future, the rest of the artists will make comments. <3 (I'd really like to see what ASKA says, hehe.)

Ann Lewis didn't talk about the MV?? .. サンQ~ is really cute XD
Nope, no mention of the PV.
...And I KNOW!! Isn't it adorable? (xD) I'm gonna have to start using サンQ~ somewhere. =D
Ann Lewis = American right? She could sing Japan? o.O;
QUOTE(Stovila @ Apr 6 2007, 07:10 PM) *

Ann Lewis = American right? She could sing Japan? o.O;

half-american half-japanese
...according to this japanese wiki, her father's an american soldier and her mother's japanese, making her name "seem" american.ア}...#12452;ス
go figure dunno.gif
Oasis, sankyu for the translations!!......How COOOOOOL~!!!!!!!

Aishiteru, Tomiko Van, my Goddess, my angel, my princess, my queen, my empress, my deity, my fairy, my lady......
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