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Full Version: Ban-chan & Anne Lewis meeting! What's that ring???
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i dont know how reliable / accurate this translations are. even myself cant understand it smile.gif using bablefish web translator from alta vista:

Accompanying Tomiko and un Lewis discuss [title]
From the left accompanying Tomiko and un Lewis[referring to the picture
After 2005 September Do As Infinity dispersing, activity as a solo artist was started, accompanying Tomiko. Last month from 18th this month to 3rd it served starring in musical "Brooklyn" to a first performance, this month the album "Voice which recorded the cover tune of the artist of 11 sets - cover you with love -" it announced on 28th.

In the current work where accompanying Tomiko does selection of music personally, as for the tune which she first lists un Lewis "being hurt in the night,". The same tune also is photographed the video clip not only recording, the image is recorded in DVD which becomes attachment in CD+DVD form. Un Lewis presently starting itself brand "PUKKA BAKKA" in American Los Angeles, has done activity, but there was an opportunity which returns home after a long time to Japan, first meeting of accompanying Tomiko actualized here.

Un Lewis "without being able to have, - (laughing)" with leads/reads kindly the meeting day, vis-a-vis accompanying Tomiko of tension feeling. Un Lewis's eldest son "accompanying sings, ' being hurt in the night, ' you called the favorite one, is", that time kept passing with beginning and ending mild mood e.g., you reveal. Un Lewis presenting the new work ring "of PUKKA BAKKA" as a return of the album which is handed from accompanying Tomiko. Accompanying Tomiko "is lovely with the smile of the whole face! It is delightful, is! Thank you! ! "With promptly, setting in the ring finger of the right hand, you showed.

Accompanying Tomiko on April 1st, in the event space "JamSpot" of fields and mountains musical instrument Ginza main office 7F holds the event of album sale commemoration.

* Recording tune
01. Home/Yuka Kawamura
02. Being hurt in the night,/un Lewis
03. Her/Sano original spring
04. Coffee ���潟��/Inoue positive water
05. Kind rain/Kiyouko Koizumi
06. Start always rain/ASKA
07. Girl/Olympic true bow
08. Seeing lifting, the star of the viewing night/Sakamoto nine
09. TRUTH'94/TRF
11. Sending ones which do not have the stamp/commodity Tuwao
Bonus track/truck. dreamland -acoustic version-

p.s. can anybody do me a favour by translating the original page?
the ring is HUGE....pretty, and she looks happy...thanx for posting!
maybe that ring is an Anne's gift! dunno.gif
Honestly speaking.....I can't really understand what's happening with this there someone who could explain these.......onegaishimasu!!!..........T_T...........

But........Tomiko Van is so kawaii~~~~!!!

Aishiteru Tomiko Van, my Goddess, my angel, my princess, my queen, my empress, my deity, my fairy, my lady......
She looks beautiful indeed. Someone please translate it. smile.gif
QUOTE(ANNA @ Mar 30 2007, 08:03 AM) *

maybe that ring is an Anne's gift! dunno.gif

Yeah it's a gift. In the sentence under the pic, it says "present from Anne Lewis".

Aw, Ban-chan looks so beautiful T__T I like her hair! It's so light!
the pic in which she smiles soooo widely staring at her ring is soooooooooo pretty!!! *faints*
QUOTE(ANNA @ Mar 30 2007, 01:03 PM) *

maybe that ring is an Anne's gift! dunno.gif

Yes, that's a gift from Anne Lewis. I'll try to do a translation on this a little later, but what I got from skimming through this is that yoru ni kizu tsuite was Anne's song. Although Anne lives in Los Angeles, she came back to Japan for the first time in a while, and so she decided to meet with Tomiko. It also says something of Anne's brand "Pukka Bakka", and that's where the ring came from. She gave it to Tomiko in return for her covering her song. There's more, but I'll cover that later.
oww....naruhodo...sankyu~!... biggrin.gif .....
gosh, her hair is long again! YEAH!!! Nice colour too!
^^ I can hardly wait to read the full translation! <3

(also, I noticed something interesting regarding Van, Ann, and several other artists. I made a thread for it in this sub-forum. <3)
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