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Full Version: banchan @ melodix!
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and so i just watched it and im speechless !!

she sang "hajimari wa itsumo ame" if im not mistaken
slightly different hair color (lighter perhaps?).. and she wore a black BLACK dress similar to what she wore when she sang flower in melodix last time
acoustic guitar player and pianist on stage with her

btw .. was shown last saturday


IPB Image

IPB Image

download here

This time i encoded in divx low res so it means no lag for slower PCs ^^
thanx for posting! is this a cover song?
somehow the word goldylocks came to mind biggrin.gif lol you might be like WTF right about now though ohmy.gif
QUOTE(Daish @ Mar 26 2007, 06:21 PM) *

somehow the word goldylocks came to mind biggrin.gif lol you might be like WTF right about now though ohmy.gif

I can only say is.,, I WISH I WAS THE MIC she was holding !! T_T
Tomiko's Angel
i think she's geting fat biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif banchan diet pleaaseee sad.gif
Isn't chubby is prettier (people said so).

Btw, UF, ... HQ.... I'm not giving up in HQ man. Flawless here >D
I don't think she looks as fat as she use to rolleyes.gif
At least I'm not the only one who thinks she should lose some weight... XD But the hair looks perfect, like the H no Ataru one. *-*

That voice sounds amazing!!!!
perhaps some of you saw her fat ..but sometimes clothes like that makes you look in this way...I think Ban's face is a bit fat..but her body doesn't so I think that's Ok...the most important thing is she to be healthy!
OMG she doesn't look fat at all!

This performance was FLAWLESS. Let's stop concentrating on her frickin weight and pay attention to how AMAZING she sang this song!


Ban-chan = <3333
waaaa~~!!!.....Shocks!!....Tomiko're really my breath-taking & life-taking Goddess!!!!!........

ei!'re right!!.....I wish I could be something which could stay with Tomiko Van forever!!!!!

btw, for those who think Tomiko Van is kinda fat here, maybe you just have problem with your eyes & I advice you to see your doctor.... tongue.gif ......

Tomiko Van is......a breath-taking & life-taking Goddess!!!

Aishiteru, Tomiko Van, my Goddess, my angel, my princess, my queen, my empress, my deity, my fairy, my lady.......
Tomiko's Angel
heuheuheuheu gomenasai minna i dont meant that smile.gif shes still georgeous anyway. i cant wait to buy her album soon rolling.gif rolling.gif
hey thanks ^^ Beautiful!
I don't think she looks fat at all. I rather think she's special for not being that horribly thin like all the other celebrities. go Banchan! don't you ever lose more than 3 kilo!
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