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Full Version: Happy Birthday Y0v1n3 !!
Do As Infinity Forum > > Happy Birthday!
From my deepest sincere... Happy birthday sistah.
Sweet 17 too, big girl now >D

Wish the best for you, good heart, good love, good husband, good in everything.
Lub ya.

*kicks englishian people out for a second*

Weeee, makan makan yeeeee, hehehe. Semoga tambah cantik juga, biar makin langgeng sama mister pinguin ya.
Moga moga tambah pande di skill potoshopnya, makin mateng, sampe kalah saya...
Dan semakin sehat juga tentunya.. <3 Kanpaiiii !! foxheart.gif cheers.gif

Pas tuh, hadiahnya Music Fair 21 live shownya Ban Chan. Performa terbaiknya dia, filenya rada gede sih.
Cuman layak buat didownload kok. Hehehe, thanks buat UF tuh.

Happy birthday to you! keep making those nice banners!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! selamat hari jadi! xD wavey.gif
happy bday wavey.gif
have a good one laugh.gif
Happy Birthday Yo-chan!!!! bunyay.gif
Happy Birthday! biggrin.gif
Happy B-day
Happy birthday! wavey.gif
Tangerine Dreamer
Happy Birhtday!!!
Have a special day!
thank you thank you thank you thank you very much minna-san....!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy o^^o !!!!!! [speechless] laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif rolling.gif rolling.gif wavey.gif wavey.gif wavey.gif

To Stovila:
-english mode off-
hehe.. masih unyil ah.. yang jelas tidak dirayakan besar-besaran sebagaimana biasanya perempuan ultah 17 taun, boleh dibilang tidak special, sama saja ^^ cuma pergi makan siang 45 menit, rest di rumah.
thank you ya.. btw videonya di mana? download bisa resume 100x? hehe... wavey.gif
That's not fair; I can't speak Malay (or whatever language you're using). I wanna be nosy. >.>
(And I'm Englishian? AWESOME. xD)

But anyway, happy happy birthday, Y0v1n3! (^^) I hope you have a wonderful day (and I also hope you're doing well; I haven't seen you around the forum in a long time. How've you been, anyway?)
Hahaha, I just made up that word, Englishian xD

HAppy birthday Y0v1n3 !!

I hope you had lots of presents XD wavey.gif
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