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I'm a bit behind everyone... The last gaming system I bought was SNES laugh.gif

I assume that the Playstation sold in Japan (PAL) is different than the one in the USA (NTSC)? So if I bought a US version I wouldn't be able to play games released in Japan?

The next question is a bit touchy side unsure.gif I'm a can probably see where this is going. I intend to download the games and burn them on DVD's. But I guess I need to buy something called Swap Magic?
if you're going to use swap magic, then depending on the version of playstation 2 you have, you may need to modify your console.

if it's the bulky old version, you'll need to saw off and remove the section above where your disk tray comes out, and replace it with a disk spin magnet and a clear plastic top that makes the disk tray work in a way similar to the thinner new version. After that, you needn't eject your tray anymore and can just open the plastic top to swap disks.

if it's the thin new version, then all you need to do is cut a tiny piece of cardboard/paper/etc. and fold it and tape it into the slot button that checks if the disk tray lid is down. then you're set, just swap disks using disk magic.

But burning games sometimes causes them to freeze. My friend burned Tekken 5, and sometimes the game freezes.
Ah thanks for the reply. I'll get the slim version tongue.gif

Buying the high quality DVD's to burn shouldn't be a problem. I hear burning it at a low speed helps.

There's so many games I could play... I guess I'll focus on the RPG's for now laugh.gif
A little bit off-topic, but I have a question, too. When I used my original PS2, I would use Action Replay to play DVDs from other regions (mostly Region 2 DVDs). But when I load up the Action Replay to pop in a Region 2 DVD on the slim model of the PS2, it doesn't work (because Action Replay's DVD Region X is incompatibile with those models).

Is there any way slim PS2 into playing DVDs from other regions? Thanks to anyone who can help. If you can't help, THEN BOO TO YOU! dry.gif


By the way, congrats on getting a PS2, GaryDAI. It's an utterly amazing system, so many great games on it!
I dunno, PS2 is so dated now that you could probably be able to afford a complete chip like the one I have on mine. It works just like stock and saves you the hassle of swapping discs....I hated that and it takes forever too.

As for the DVD I dunno, I can't remember if mine played dvd's but I don't think it did so yea, boo to me sad.gif
do you know where you can get it installed without having to solder it yourself?
There's no way I'm installing that mod chip by myself. I know I'll screw something up! laugh.gif

i dunno bout you guys.. there are some ppl at PS "repair" shops that mod stuff here in aus.. you can probably also find people online that live near you that offer a guarantee if they screw your system. better yet, buy a PS console in HK. most their systems are modded already, being the cheapo asians we are.. anyways, PS2s are about the price of a DS these days.. lol
Are there any good games based on animes? It doesn't have to be in english smile.gif
There's Battle Stadium D.O.N. which is basically Super Smash Bros. with Naruto, One Piece, and DragonBall(Z/GT) characters...

Gungrave was originally a PS2 game before it became an anime...

Then there are all the Naruto and DBZ games...
That should have it, methinks...
Wow a Naruto/One Piece/DBZ... I don't really know what to think laugh.gif I might try that out.

I found this 'Rurouni Kenshin: Enjou! Kyoto Rinne' game. I hope it's good smile.gif

edit: thanks for the link
QUOTE(virilevocalist @ Feb 9 2007, 12:20 AM) *

do you know where you can get it installed without having to solder it yourself?

I dunno, my friend did it for me. He's the guy to go for chips and....ahem...backup games unsure.gif
Anyway, if you really want, I can bring it to him or give you his contact info but I know you live in SD so I dunno. Just fyi, I got mine done for 60 and it was the newest chip at the time so if you find a place to get it done make sure you don't get ripped of, I wouldn't expect to pay more than 40 or so since the PS2 is pretty old already.
virilevocalist blink.gif I don't live in SD... I live in Riverside and am transportation-less... unsure.gif

Actually, I don't own a ps2... I learned all that stuff about swap magic from my friend last year... tongue.gif All the games I've played (and the rpgs I've beaten) have been owned by friends. The last game I actually bought for myself was Chrono Cross!!

I never had the time to go out and get a new console past my psx... not even the psone update, hahaha!
Ahah my bad, for some reason I keep thinking you live in SD.....I know someone on here does....maybe.

Hm I see, well if your friend wants a chip I can still ask or maybe just sell him mine dunno.gif
Man Chrono Cross was ages ago, get with the program! tongue.gif Jk, I don't really see myself playing games too much anymore though it would be fun to have a system.

Have you tried the Wii yet? My arms are sore because of it laugh.gif
SD? Hmm... I think that's Dina?

My friend actually got around the whole chip thing by connecting his external harddrive to his ps2 and playing off that. So he's able to play Japanese games as well.

Oddly enough, the same friend with the PS2 has the Wii, and basically we've been spending every weekend getting drunk and playing Wii Sports. Just thinking about it hurts my arms.... tongue.gif I also got to play Twilight Princess, which was fun.
Well I just got my modded ps2 in the mail ^_^ I'm going to try out Resident Evil 4 now

*runs around laugh.gif
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