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Full Version: hellllloooo!!!!
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My name is Mike, I'm kind of new here... I opened my account long time ago and I just got back on... So my account name is out of date - I just use mike or mpchong.

So I also have a band called "Social Graduates" that I play guitar in and we did a cover of Honjitsu over in the everything DAI section, check it out if you got time.

Well, nice to meet you all!


EDIT: OMG - How could I forget to mention Aegis?! My singer! She's not a member here but you can check out her vocals at
Ahh lol, Aloha. Hi mr. guitaris.

And where's mrs. vocalist? It will be my honour to talk to the owner of that sexy voices

*Kyyaaaaaaaahahahahaha bunevil.gif *

and welcome cool.gif
Welcome! wavey.gif
hi hi! yoroshiku! wavey.gif
welcome Mike!!!! foxhi.gif
Welcome! Listened to your stuff on that site you put- went through hers- to the group site. Listened to Honjitsu...was pretty good for just two people.
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