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Full Version: Happy Birthday Sushi!!
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(even I barely see you)
Sushi891 !!

Hope your new age bring you more taste and deliciousness..


I love sushi. I do >)

Happy birthday dear.

(you can buy cigarette now) lol.
Aww, Thanks Stovila & virilevocalist =)
any celebration? gift, present, etc xD

Happy Birthday, dude! biggrin.gif
On Friday I went out with all my friends to TGIF, where all the waiters crowded around the table clapping and doing a loud birthday shout. Before that, I had to finish a tedious english project with a friend, and then went to my friend's wake who died in a car crash thist past sunday. It was rough.

Today, my birthday, I went to a party and a coffeehouse to celebrate with friends, and my brother took me out to Minado Sushi Buffet, where the waiters clapped and shouted birthday shouts again.

Tomorrow I'm going to the grandparents house to once again go to a restaurant, and probably get the waiters to clap for me too. Lol, the surprise factor is starting to not be a surprise anymore haha.

For presents, I just got money and free dinners/coffee. I'm happy.
aww bless ya lol

TGIF = Friday restaurant? My mom works there xD (did she claps for you lol)

But i dont know if TGIF has sushi tho. Well, at least money and full belly is enough >)

Post up some photo! cool.gif
belated happy birthday! wavey.gif

sorry for my late greeting biggrin.gif
Happy b-day, I'm late too sad.gif
Happy Belated birthday! wavey.gif

Hey, why did you thank virile in your first post if he didn't post until after that? Ahhh...nevermind, so confusing. rolling.gif
Happy birthday! wavey.gif
Thanks for the birthday shouts everyone =P

It's fun being 18 ahaha.
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