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Full Version: Today's the big day Ken, where are you?
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DAI World Order
got your PS3 yet?

check out some PS3 Japanese launch videos

remember to get RIIIIIIDGE RACCERRR and Genji 2 to learn more about giant enemy crabs back in ancient Japan.
Oh, the owner of another forum i go to, cheapassgamer got his PS3 via amazon. Here's a vid of him opening the box. You can see he is super excited. [Especially since the PS3 does real time massive damage to people's wallets.]

Personally, I don't think I'll get a PS3 anytime soon. None of the game look spectacular to me so far.
I heard that the graphics card in the 360 > PS3 but PS3 physics > 360 :dunno:

They both look pretty sick to me.

Good thing I'm not into getting the best and latest can never stay on top.

BTW That would be really funny/sad if he dropped it on his hardwood floor :twisted:
Soul Reaver
I heard that the graphics card in the 360 > PS3 but PS3 physics > 360 :dunno:
Not necessarily. It's very hard to compare the 360's graphics to the PS3 due to the unified shaders pipeline in the Xbox360. Sony has not released enough specs on RSX to do a proper comparision. Raw processing power comparision does put PS3 ontop though. Although it'll be a while until all that power can be properly tapped.
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